Blog  Meet the Rosh Eidah of Chalutzim…Micah Brandhandler!

Meet the Rosh Eidah of Chalutzim…Micah Brandhandler!

We are thrilled that Micah Brandhandler is returning for another year as Rosh Eidah of Chalutzim!  Micah graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree and teaching license in Choral Music Education.  Learn some more about Micah:


How many years have you been at camp?
12. 5 Years as a camper (Kallah, Maccabiah, Bonim, Mosh, Chalutzim) and 7 on staff (Avodah, Machon, Chalutzim Madrich for 2 years, sgan chalutzim, Rosh Chalutzim for 2 years.)

What is your favorite meal at camp?
BBQ Chicken.  One of the camp chefs makes his own BBQ sauce and he puts it on Shabbat chicken every once in a while.    

What is your favorite all-camp event?
Maccabiah Games.  Our all camp color wars!

What is your favorite Shabbat afternoon lunch?
Leftovers.  I love being able to mix and match food on shabbat.

What is your favorite aquatic activity?
Canoeing.  Chalutzim takes a 3 day canoe trip every summer and I love canoeing down the river and swimming in it at rest stops.

What is your favorite Yom Day (themed days)?
Yom Tzahal.  Our Army day where we bring the kids a taste of being in the Israeli army!

What is your best camp memory?
In Chalutzim as a camper it was pouring out one afternoon and we decided to have a mud slide.  We spent the next hour sliding down the hill and having a great time with everyone in Chalutzim.


Micah can’t wait for the campers to arrive and begin speaking ivrit (Hebrew) all day long!  It’s going to be a great summer!

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    Henry is excited to spend 7 weeks with you in Chalutzim!