Blog  Meet OSRUI’s New Director, Solly Kane, and talk about Summer 2018!

Meet OSRUI’s New Director, Solly Kane, and talk about Summer 2018!

Join us for one of these webinars.  Meet Solly, talk about next summer, & get your questions answered. 

.  Monday, Sept. 2512:00-1:00 pm  Central Time
.  Wednesday, Sept. 277:00-8:00 pm Central Time
.  Tuesday, October 39:00-10:00 am Central Time

Register for a webinar:

Registration for Summer 2018 opens Monday, September 25th!!

$100 Tuition Credit if You Refer a New Camper!*
Any current camper who refers a first-time camper (not a sibling) who attends OSRUI 2018 for 2-weeks or longer will receive a $100 tuition credit! Refer two first-time campers and you’ll get a $100 credit for each.  There is no limit!Sibling Discount
OSRUI will continue to offer a sibling discount to families with more than one camper.  Each child in a family after the first child who registers for Summer 2018 will receive a $100 discount on their registration.Register in 3 and Get a Free Tee!
Register by 12 midnight on Wednesday, September 27th and we’ll send your camper a limited edition 2018 OSRUI registration t-shirt.Make sure your campers get the session of their choice.  Mark your calendar for September 25th!

OSRUI Special Programs for Youth and Families:

Father & Son Kallah – October 6-8, 2017   For dads, grandpas and uncles, and the boys they love age 5-12.
Prospective Camper Family Tour – October 8, 2017   Tell your friends who might be interested in sending their child to OSRUI.
Mother & Daughter Kallah – October 20-22, 2017   For moms, grandmas and aunts, and the girls they love age 5-12.
Family Fun Day – November 19, 2017   Lots of fun activities … and s’mores! There will also be a tour for new families. More details to come.
Family Camp – April 13-15, 2018  Camp isn’t just for kids … it’s for the whole family! Registration opens in February.*Not valid for cash.  May not be used toward your deposit.  Referring camper must attend camp to get the tuition credit.  If the referred camper cancels, the credit will be removed.  We are sorry but clergy and educators will not receive a credit for referring congregants. However, they will receive a credit for referring other family and friends.