Blog  Meet our Health Center and Camper Care Teams

Meet our Health Center and Camper Care Teams

We take the health and well-being of our camp community very seriously.

We’ve talked in earlier blogs about gathering information from parents to help us in that regard (see previous blogs on Ensuring a Healthy Summer for our Campers and Getting to Know Your Camper).  But what happens if your camper does get sick at camp or needs some extra attention beyond what the counselor can provide?

We have a great team of professionals at camp who serve on our Mirpa’ah (Health Center) and Camper Care teams, led by Amy Dolgin (Health Center) and Debbie Locketz (Camper Care). Read on to learn a little more about Amy and Debbie and their work at camp!

Mirpa’ah (Health Center)

The Health Center is staffed by 5 RNs and a physician.  Campers who become ill at camp are taken to the Health Center and examined by a nurse or doctor. You’ll be contacted if your camper stays overnight, or a new medication is prescribed. We generally won’t contact you for a scraped knee, headache, or other minor concern.

Amy Dolgin is our 2018 Health Center Director.  She works throughout the year reaching out to parents if they’ve indicated on forms that their camper has a significant health concern. Amy also hires and coordinates the nursing staff and oversees all aspects of the health center to make sure it runs smoothly throughout the summer.

Amy has worked as a staff RN at the Health Center for the past 6 summers. She has been part of the OSRUI community for much longer though, as a camper, counselor, unit head, and camper parent. Her role as this year’s Health Center Director encompasses a focus not only on the health care needs of individual campers, but also on the health and safety of the summer camp community as a whole. Her background in public health and nursing add to her ability to balance the individual and population approaches to health at camp. Amy also teaches at DePaul University in the School of Nursing.  Amy lives in Chicago with her husband Harell and their four children.  You can reach Amy at

Camper Care Team

The Camper Care Team is staffed by social workers, psychologists, and other professionals with experience working with kids. The Camper Care Team supports our counselors and staff in their work throughout the summer and works hard to make sure that every child has a great time at camp!

Debbie Locketz is our 2018 Director of Camper Care. Debbie works in conjunction with the OSRUI professional staff year-round, talking with families as they have registered their children for camp to ensure that all campers have what they need to feel supported and be successful during their time at camp.  During the summer, the Camper Care team will be visible and present throughout camp; their primary goal will be to help problem solve camper concerns as they arise by working with campers, staff, and parents.

Originally from Toronto, Debbie grew up as a camper, counselor and unit head at OSRUI. Debbie holds a Masters’ Degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Social Worker.  When not at camp, Debbie works at Relate Counseling Center in Minnesota as an outpatient therapist for kids, adolescents and adults.  Debbie brings years of experience working with all ages in a range of settings.  She lives in Minnetonka, MN, with her husband Rabbi David Locketz and their two daughters, who are both current OSRUI campers.  You can reach Debbie at