Blog  The Art of Letter Writing: Summer Camp Edition

The Art of Letter Writing: Summer Camp Edition

by Debbie Locketz, Camper Care Director

Opening Day is in less than a week, and our tzevet (staff) is busy preparing for the chanichim (campers) to arrive! Of course, that means you’re also getting ready at home, and one of the best ways you can help your child have an amazing summer is to send letters while they’re at camp! As a parent of campers myself, I know writing letters can be challenging, so I’m sharing this blog post from With these tips and tricks under your belt, letter writing will be a breeze!

 A Guide to Sending Your Child the Very Best Letters at Summer Camp

A quick reminder: sending packages is another fun way to support your child, but please remember our Care Package Policy at OSRUI! We ask that you send no more than 1 package per week, and please do not include food or bottled water. More information about care packages can be found in the 2018 Family Handbook.


Debbie works in conjunction with the OSRUI professional staff year-round, and in the summer leads the OSRUI Camper Care team, which helps problem solve camper concerns as they arise by working with campers, staff, and parents.