URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute Donors

Thank you to all of OSRUI’s generous supporters. OSRUI awakens, heightens and intensifies Jewish identity by creating and nurturing a vibrant Jewish living environment through summer camp and year-round programs. You make this possible.

Roots to grow.  Wings to fly.  Friends forever!  This is OSRUI.

2015 Donors

We are honored to recognize all donors who contributed to OSRUI in 2015.

$36,000 and Above

Community Development Fund for Reform Judaism
Crown Family Philanthropies
Charles and M.R. Shapiro Foundation Inc.
Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust
Barbara and Steve Wolf

$10,000 - $35,999

A Friend of Camp
Sandra and Robert Cutler 
Leo J. and Roslyn L. Krupp Family Foundation 
Susan Zukrow and Jeff Mackevich
The Nachshon Project 
Reform Cantors of Chicago 

letterhead-photos-2015 v2$3,600 - $9,999

Renay and Joel Bayer
Paul and Pearl Caslow Foundation 
Perri and Rick Courtheoux 
Patti and Mike Frazin 
Judith and Clive Kamins 
Eloise and Elliot Kaplan Family Foundation
Paula and Jerry Kaye
Allegra Manacher and Curt Kohlberg
Barbara and Philip Meltzer
Lynne Kaminer and Daniel Ray 
Neal Sabin 
Susan and Marc Sacks
Karen and Roy Splansky

$1,800 - $3,599

Ellen and Howard Gossage
Seymour Lipton 
Susie and Michael Lorge 
Rabbi Steven and Patrice Mason
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz
John H. & Ann G. Rhodes Foundation
Irene Sang
Susan and Paul Schomer 
James Stein

$1,000 - $1,799

Susie Dickman 
Douglas Fenton 
Kim and Stuart Frankenthal 
Mitch Silver and Julie Gelfond
Lisa and Steve Gerber 
Jennifer Levin and Mark Gershon
Rabbi Edwin Goldberg, Temple Sholom of Chicago
Rabbi Laura Schwartz Harari
Jean and Roger Harris
Inbar and Ken Heinrich  
Judy and Jordan Konisky 
Rabbi Frederick Reeves 
Linda and David Richter
Miriam Shraiberg Memorial Fund
Stephanie and Steven Silverman 
Jane Taves 
Tracy Friend and Lynn Underwood

$360 - $999

A Friend of Camp Elizabeth and Andrew Hibel 
Diane and Bob Altkorn  Lisa and Robert Honig
Debra and Jeffrey Bakal Janet and Michael Jablon 
Ilene and David Brot  Debra L. Krolick 
Sandra Brottman  Renee Lewin
Marla and Steve Brown  Rabbi Andrea London
Rabbi Paul and Cathy Cohen  Ellyn and Jacob Margulies 
Amy and Harell Dolgin  Lenore and Daniel Mass
Nancy Dunn  Jean and Jordan Nerenberg 
Vanessa and Arthur Ehrlich  Felicia and Michael Perlman 
Rabbi Jacqueline and Rabbi David Ellenson Polsinelli, PC
Merle and Barry Erlich  Sue Reingold
Marilyn and Joseph Ernsteen  Sara Rimm-Kaufman
Beverly Friend Cantor Rachel and Chuck Rosenberg
Marla and Adam Gamoran  Jane Rubin 
Giving Tree Associates Kenneth and Marcey Siegel Family Fund 
Beverly and Phillip Goldstick Eva and Marvin Steiner 
Judi and Steve Goode  Ione and Tony Stiegler 
The Gudgeon Family  Dahlia and Joseph Tesher
Charles and Randi Gurian Union for Reform Judaism
Nina and Arnold Harris  

$180 - $359

Beth and Anthony Adler Karin and Harvey Kelber 
Julie and Joel Africk  Lauren Rosenthal and Howard Learner
Pamela and Jeffrey Altman  Missy and Allan Malmed 
Beth Solomon and Scott Bakal Gayle Malvin 
Karen and Nate Beraha Timi Mayer 
Rabbi Steven Bob, Congregation Etz Chaim Shari and Dennis Meserve
Norma and Bill Brown  Debbie and Michael Miller
Rachel and Michael Bruell Ellen Burke and Douglas Miller
Gayla and Joel Cahan  Mount Zion Hebrew Congregation
Leslie Mayron and Russell Coff  Elizabeth and James Neubauer
Rebecca DeNelsky  Marjorie and Charles Ostrov 
Reva and Mort Denlow Sara and Andrew Poticha 
Linda Feldman Julie and Marc Rubin
Bonnie Denmark Friedman and Gary Friedman Lauren and Jeremy Seaver 
Rabbi Wendi Geffen, North Shore Congregation Israel Barbara and Barry Seidman
Dr. Mel and Edie Goodman  Ilana and Rafi Shure 
Phillip Gordon  Barbara and Richard Silverman
Erica Gruen  Sinai Temple Michigan City 
Jim Rosenberg and Deborah Hamilton     United Jewish Welfare Fund 
Congregation Har Hashem  The Sirk Family Foundation 
Victoria and Lewis Hofstein  Julie Webb and Michael Taitel
Janet and Michael Jablon Andrea and Steven Tick
Iris and David Jacobson  Stephanie and Steven L. Victor 
Robert Riesman and Rachel Kaplan Rabbi Josh and Mara Weinberg 
Rabbi Karyn Kedar, Congregation  Cantor Julie Yugend-Green, Oak Park 
   B'nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim    Temple B'nai Abraham Zion

$179 and below

A Friend of Camp Eugene Levy
Terri Albert  Rabbi David and Julie Levy
Wendy and Howard Allenberg  Rachel Heyman and Daniel Lidawer
Claudia and Barry Altshuler  Betty Lieberman
Sherry and Harvey Amend Carol and Robert Lifton
Leah Arnold Dina and Adam London 
Ann Lois Ballon  Sharon and Henry Lorsch
Barbara and Ed Beckert  Erica and Josh Lowitz 
Laurie Benson Nancy and William Luck
Rabbi Marc and Deborah Berkson Rabbi Daniel Danson and Julie Luks
Hope and Marvin Bernstein  Addie and Rick Lupert 
Alice and Phillip Bishaf  Debra Magad
David  Blotner  Richard Magidson
Gail and Steve Brand The Manley Family 
Naomi Bayer and Stuart Brandhandler Jane Pence and Doug Masters
Steve Braun Judy and Louis Maynard
Sharol Brickman  Marty Mechanick 
Temple B'rith Sholom  Lori and Keith Mihaly 
Stefany and Fred Brot  Susan and Michael Millenson
Stacy Carroll Cathy Miller-Ginsberg
Rachael and Steve Chaiken  Ruth and Alan Miller
Rabbi Norman and Andrea Cohen Rabbi Lisa Greene, North Shore Congregation Israel
Debra and Charles Colodny  Roberta and Henry Nussbaum 
Becky Combest Gail and Jim Ostach 
Rabbi Carlie and Rabbi Ryan Daniels  Evelyn Padorr
Joann and Nathan Dardick  Ellen Freilich and Mark Pakman
Larry  Denenberg  Ronna and Barry Paul
Ellen and Frederick Dietz  Donna and Drew Peel
Stanley  Dreyfuss  Helen and John Plous 
Suzy and Randy Dritz Iris and Steven Podolsky
Dina and James Dubrow  Laurie and Howard Prager 
Anne Egger Amanda Radman 
Hedy Ehrlich Terry and Andrew Ratoff
Lisa Roth Elliot and Joel Elliot  Lynda Pollack and Charles Richter
Sharon Faier  Marge and Laurence Rohter
Regina Feldman-Goldstein  Amy Zisook and David Rosen
Megan  Fellman  Alice and Elliott Rosenberg 
Rabbi Amy Memis-Foler and David Foler Helene Rosenberg
Edward Frank  Marcia and Larry Ross 
Mary and Thomas Frankiewicz Charlotte and Berton Rubin 
Ronda and Dan Franks  Rabbi Andrew Terkel and Hannah Rubin-Schlansky
Ronald Friedman  Burton Ruby 
Elaine Friesler  Marcia and Zack Ruderman 
Carla and Mark Frisch  Sandra Sabin
Rabbi Hillel and Judith Gamoran Sheila and Richard Sachs 
Mitch Geller  Heather Sacks
Lawrence Gifford Susan and Milton Salzer
Ellen and Jeffrey Gilbert Ruth Sang 
Karen Gitles Rabbi Herman and Lotte Schaalman 
Barry Glazer  Michelle Schlack 
Lynne and Bruce Glickson  Carol Rubin and Howard Schlansky
Jeanne Traxler and Robert Goisman Nancee and Ken Schmetterer 
Susie and Jay Goldberg  Mae and Alvin Schwab 
Phyllis and Marvin Goldblatt  Phyllis  Seifer-Elber 
Gail and Daniel Golden  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Shabelman 
Arlene and Aaron Golub  Rabbi Mark and Hanna Shapiro
Eric Goode  Lawrence Sherman 
Ellen  Gorin  Adriane and Scott Shore
Beth Honetschlager and Donald Greenebaum Myrna and Shelly Silver 
Barbara and William Greenfield  Susan and Paul Silverman
Taia Hartman Arlene and Herb Singer
Rabbi Deborah and Rabbi Sidney Helbraun Laura and Ira Singer
Jennifer Hendrix  Dana and Aharon Solomon 
Laurence E. Herman Family Foundation  Kathy and Ronald Sonenthal 
Frances and James Hill  Catherine and Alvin Spector
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hirt  Adina and Joel Sutlin 
Fred Horowitz Iris Marreck and Ira Tangy 
Kathy Reyer Judd  Sue and Cary Ulman
Barbara  Julis  Michelle and Frederick Weber
Barbara Kaufman  Jody and Dean Weinberg 
Karen Kohn  Rabbi Eitan and Dawn Weiner-Kaplow 
Heidi and Jason Kramer  Joyce and Lawrence Weiner
Rabbi Leonard and Hanna Kravitz  Alan Williger
Ellen and Jeff Krupp Robin and Cliff Wolf 
Debbie Krupp Harriet and Irving Wolf 
Miriam Landsman Joel Wolfson 
Debra and Brian LeVay Rachel and David Wood
Deanna and Steve Levin  Wendy and Mark Yura
Stephanie Levine  Gayle Arlen and Corey Zimmerman 

Legacy Donors

We are grateful to our generous donors who have made a legacy commitment to secure the future of Jewish living and learning at OSRUI for generations to come.  If you are interested in learning how you can support OSRUI’s future through a legacy/planned gift, visit our Legacy Giving page.

2011-2014 Donors

Thank you to our generous donors who contributed $1,800 and above between 2010 – 2014. We are grateful for your continued commitment to cultivating the next generation of Jewish leadership.

A Friend of Camp
A Friend of Camp
Julie and Joel Africk
Diane and Robert Altkorn
Am Shalom
American Conference of Cantors, Inc.
Wynne and David Baruch
Rabbi Marc and Deborah Berkson
Congregation B'nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim
Sandra and Irwinz"l Brottman 
Marla and Steve Brown
Chicago Office Technology Group
Kathleen and Scott Cohen
Community Development Foundation
for Reform Judaism

Perri and Rick Courtheoux
Crown Family Philanthropies
Sandra and Robert Cutler
Rebecca and Brad Dallet
Damial Foundation, Inc.
Shari and David Damlich
Joann and Nathan Dardick
Dolgin Construction
Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus and James Dreyfus
Vanessa and Arthur Ehrlich
Marilyn and Joseph Ernsteen
Linda Feldman
Douglas Fenton
LaDona and Paul Fishkin
Focus on Energy
Foundation for Jewish Camp, Inc.
Patti and Mike Frazin
Bonnie Denmark Friedman and Gary Friedman
Tracy Friend and Lynn Underwood
Mitch Silver and Julie Gelfond
The Generations Fund
Lisa and Steve Gerber
Jennifer Levin and Mark Gershon
Richard Goldberg
Judi and Steve Goode
Lawrence Goodman
Ellen and Howard Gossage
Estate of Barry J. Greenberg
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Diane Troderman and Harold Grinspoon
Susan Handler
Elizabeth and Andrew Hibel
Janet and Michael Jablon
Judith and Clive Kamins
Paula and Jerry Kaye
Allegra Manacher and Curt Kohlberg
Karen Kohn
Heather Kornickz"l
Debra L. Krolick
Debbie Krupp
Leo J. and Roslyn L. Krupp Family Foundation
Mary Annz"l and Ronald Lachman
Lauren Rosenthal and Howard Learner
Susie and Michael Lorge
Lon Lowenstein
Ellyn and Jacob Margulies
Rabbi Steven and Patrice Mason
Lenore and Daniel Mass
Barbara and Philip Meltzer
Linda and David Milberg
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz
Audrey and Robertz"l Morris
Jean and Jordan Nerenberg
Helen and Russell Novak
Rabbi Max Weiss, Oak Park Temple
Oliver Construction
Joan and Phillipz"l Pines
Lisa Pitler
Joshua Rabinovitz
Lynne Kaminer and Daniel Ray
Sue Milan Reingold
Susan Lichtenstein and John Rokacz
Cantor Rachel and Chuck Rosenberg
Neal Sabin
Rabbi Herman and Lotte Schaalman
Susan and Paul Schomer
Congregation Shalom
Charles and M.R. Shapiro Foundation Inc.
Marjorie Getz and David Sheftel
Stephanie and Steven Silverman
Rabbis Debra and Eric Siroka
Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust
Karen and Roy Splansky
James Stein
Eva-Lynn and Marvin Steiner
Julie Webb and Michael Taitel
Jane Taves
Temple Chai
Barbara and Steven Wolf
Woman of Reform Judaism Midwest District
Jeffrey Mackevich and Susan Zukrow