OSRUI Scholarship Fund - Scroll Down to Donate

For many families, the cost of summer camp is beyond their means.  Each year we receive more and more scholarship requests, and the amount of scholarship dollars that we give to families rises as well.  In 2018, nearly 20% of our families received scholarship, and we gave away nearly $300,000.  We expect those numbers to rise for Summer 2019.

OSRUI scholarships are provided through Crown Family Philanthropies, the Cutler Family Campership Fund, the Mimi Dunitz Scholarship Fund, the Marshall Goldman Scholarship Fund, the Heather R. Kornick Campership Fund, the Charles & M.R. Shapiro Foundation, the Samuel Sherman Family Campership Fund, and the 60th Anniversary Fund, as well as from individual donors to the OSRUI Scholarship Fund.

By making a donation to the OSRUI Scholarship Fund, you ensure that camp can continue to provide amazing, magical, and life changing experiences to all children.

Thank you for your generosity.