Our staff members are carefully selected from among applicants from all over the United States, Canada, Israel, and Europe. More than two-thirds of our counselors have grown up as OSRUI campers. This provides us with the opportunity to know them well and continue past traditions. Counselors are at least 19 years of age or entering sophomores in college. Members of the Machon program (counselors-in-training) are high school graduates, and a special work/study program - Avodah Corps - is available for entering high school seniors. Specialists and unit heads lend their mature guidance.

More than 40 rabbis, cantors, and educators join us for at least two weeks each as we teach Torah in its broadest sense. Our faculty works with all of the programs at Camp, shaping the learning activities, guiding worship experience, lending a knowledgeable helping hand in bar/bat mitzvah preparation, and just being a new adult friend to our campers. Many faculty members are former OSRUI campers or staff members.

Whether you are applying for the first time or returning as a seasoned veteran, it is important to remember that the goal of our camp is Jewish learning through Jewish living. Of course, as our website and brochure explain, all of this takes place in a complete camp facility which includes recreational and social activities and opportunities for campers and staff alike.

The emphasis which we have chosen in those areas is to help communicate to campers the idea that Judaism is not separate from the rest of their lives or a limited practice that excludes them from the activities of their peers. Implicit in this statement is the notion that individuals applying for staff positions at OSRUI will combine a love for children and Judaism, as well as interest or experience in one or another of the specialties of Camp. We ask that staff applicants be able to express their commitment to Judaism not only through a sense of belief, but through action as well.

We encourage you to take courses in your university, Hillel, or other available avenues that will enhance your Jewish literacy. We encourage you to visit Israel in any of various programs that incorporate knowledge and learning with touring and recreation. Hebrew facility is a clear asset to you as a staff member at Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute. Demonstrated leadership in your campus Jewish community, as well as other campus activities will be of great benefit as a member of our camp staff. For applicants who are not college students (either pre or post) please interpret the above to apply to your particular circumstances.

In addition to the expressions of Jewish commitment, we also encourage candidates to come forward with experience or certification in recreational or arts activities which will be of real benefit in the camp environment. Examples of this are Red Cross certification, certification in Horseback Riding Instruction, teaching experience in the classroom or in the areas of theater, dance, music, songleading, photography, media or sports. ALL STAFF are expected to have current certification in Red Cross CPR. Any staff not certified will be required to receive that training during Staff Orientation Week. There will be a charge for this service.

Additionally, all Moshavah staff and the Tzofim medics will need to take a course in Wilderness First Aid, given at camp before staff week.

For questions regarding staff positions, please contact Susan Alexander, Associate Director, at 847-239-6980 or salexander@urj.org.