Blog  Thanksgiving Thoughts and Next Steps

Thanksgiving Thoughts and Next Steps

From the desk of OSRUI Director Jerry Kaye


As Thanksgiving approaches, we all have so much to be thankful for.  An important part of my prayers of thanks will be the 46 years that I have been blessed to direct the URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute.  In remembering these past years, it is now time for me to prepare to step aside and open the door for new leadership.  While I will remain director of the camp through Summer 2017 and continue after that to support our community and our staff, I will, in fact, conclude my work in full at the end of December 2018.

The URJ will work with our community and local leadership in engaging a successor who will begin their role at the end of Summer 2017.  I will call upon our devoted full time staff to reach back to this person with me in order to do all that we can to assure his or her success.  We turn to congregational leadership both young and experienced to best prepare for the next generation.

jerry-family-2This coming summer, Paula and I, Michelle, Leora and their families look forward to a season of celebration and wonderful memories.  We want to ensure that parents, campers and staff will have plenty of opportunity to rejoice together with us.  We plan to set aside time to welcome old friends, alumni, and all in our community.

Once again my thanks reach out to all those who have made these years so valuable and precious.  My teachers have included the leaders of our movement, all the many camp directors from whom I have learned, our remarkable camp staff, generous donors, and our devoted Board members, especially our Board chairs, who give endless hours to ensure the success of OSRUI.  Special thanks must go to the rabbis, cantors, and educators who have served on OSRUI faculty for so many summers.  They have opened our eyes to the nature of Jewish life and building a relationship with God.

I look forward to many years of sharing our stories….