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  • One Photo is Worth A Thousand Memories at OSRUI

    We were very fortunate to have professional photographer Chime Costello with us periodically this summer.  Chime is incredibly gifted, and we are so thankful that she shared her talents with us.  She created a slide show of her own personal favorites that we wanted to share with the entire OSRUI community. 

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  • Shabbat Shalom from OSRUI

    After a week of trips, marathon week, Carnival, zoos, hiking, climbing, biking, canoeing, water balloon fights, etgar (the challenge course), limudim (Jewish learning), ivrit (Hebrew), t’filot (services), pools, lakes, water slides, horses, and so much more, Shabbat is here, a sacred and beloved time at camp. Before we get clean and we put on our Friday night best one last time, before we join together in prayer, before we tune our guitar strings and warm up our voices, before we prepare to rest, we take a look back at the incredible 8th and final week of Summer 2017.

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