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The Most wonderful experience

“My daughter had the most wonderful experience at OSRUI! I could not be more pleased with the experience for our whole family. She’ll be returning next year and for years to come. My son will be attending as well in the future.”

-OSRUI Parent

So Many Options

“Our children truly are impacted by OSRUI. Camper/Counselor relationships are probably the most important part of camp for us. The way the counselors interact with campers is so significant and really makes the camp experience. We are thrilled with the program at OSRUI. Horseback riding was amazing. There are so many options and we are always happy with how our kids are involved and treated as individuals.”

-OSRUI Parent

Camp Care, Interest & Engagement

“Even before my son’s session started, we were touched by the interest and engagement we encountered from the Camp Care and Health staff to ensure than he would have a great time despite coming from abroad and potentially feeling different in a variety of ways. Thank you so much for your sensitivity and caring! He had an unforgettable experience, grew in so many ways, and is already begging to come back.”

-OSRUI Parent

Planning and meeting needs

“My child eats fish but is otherwise vegetarian. He reported loving the options and food! Great job on the selection of healthy and tasty options! I am extremely grateful for and impressed by all OSRUI leadership/staff I met, and how well they planned for and met my son’s needs. He had an extremely positive experience because he felt safe and good there. This is a testament to the training and understanding staff had about how to deal with kids with anxiety. He knew the schedule, he knew what to expect, it was well-structured. When he was ill he received compassion and excellent care. Thank you!”

-OSRUI Parent

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