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  • Meet our Health Center and Camper Care Teams

    We have a great team of professionals at camp who serve on our Mirpa’ah (Health Center) and Camper Care teams, led by Amy Dolgin (Health Center) and Debbie Locketz (Camper Care). Read on to learn a little more about Amy and Debbie and their work at camp!

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  • Unplug for Summer

    Camp is a great place for kids to unplug from technology. At camp, relationships are built face-to-face rather than through group chats and social media. Art is created with paintbrushes and pottery clay instead of Snapchat filters. Sports are played with balls, rackets, sweat, and occasionally a scrape or two, not a click or swipe. And, the weather is checked in the morning by stepping out on the cabin porch or rolling up the tent flaps, not by opening an app.

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