Winterized facilities are available at OSRUI during the Fall, Winter and Spring for retreats for adults, families and youth. Visit our Facility Rentals section to learn more.

Beyond that, OSRUI hosts several programs for adults throughout the year:

Spring 2019 features Hava Nashira, a song leaders workshop that was created by Debbie Friedman z''l and Cantor Jeff Klepper among others.

Fall 2019 features our music experience and retreat for adults, Shabbat Shira.

For families:

Every year OSRUI hosts several family weekends which are opportunities for families to experience Shabbat at camp and a get taste of what our campers experience each summer. Our popular Family Camp is scheduled for Fall 2019, Spring 2020 and Summer 2020. The Mother & Daughter Kallah is scheduled for Fall 2019.  In addition, we have a variety of Camp Days throughout the non-summer months which offer families a chance to visit camp for the day, participate in fun activities, and take a tour if desired.

Upcoming Events

Preparing for your visit to OSRUI

Kashrut Practice: OSRUI uses only certified Kosher meat and does not mix milk with meat. You can expect that no milk or milk derivatives will be used at a meat meal. We do not use separate dishes, cutlery, or serving pieces. A vegetarian option is also available at no extra charge.
We recommend GO Riteway which offers van service to the camp at a discounted rate from the Milwaukee Airport (Mitchell Field).