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2021 Camper Form Tips


The day that OSRUI summer forms are ready is a very exciting day in our house. It is the first official sign that summer camp is just around the corner. While my kids are excited, thinking about their friends, favorite activities and what to pack, I get ready to tackle the digital stack of forms in front of me that help me know my kid will have the amazing experience they are dreaming ofAs parents and guardians, we fill out so many forms all year round for the many activities our kids participate in. Over the years I have sent my kids to OSRUI I have been so impressed with how camp meets the unique needs of each of my campersam increasingly grateful for the opportunity to share our families’ stories with the OSRUI team 

                — OSRUI Parent 

Here are some tips for filling out forms that we have collected from our staff and camper parents: 

There are some new forms this year: 

  • Camper LetterWe’re inviting all campers to write a letter and/or answer some questions to let their counselors know a bit more about them.   There is a template for older campers and one for younger campers. 
  • Parent Letter: We’re also inviting parents to write a letter to your camper’s cabin/tent counselors.  Tell them in your own voice what you want them to know about your camper.  
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities: Let our team know any special dietary needs in detail. 
  • Brit Kehillah Machaneh (Community COVID Agreement): We want our community to take care of each other in deeper and more specific ways this summer. We will expect all families to read this over to understand the communal commitment we have to make pre- and during the summer to keep camp safe.  This document will be available by the end of March.  

A few quick tips from camper parents: 

  • Fill out all your forms at once.  Some forms save but some don’t, I recommend completing a form when you start it. 
  • Start having conversations about camp as a family prior to filling out the forms. Ask your camper if they have a friend they want to bunk with and have them help fill out the camper letter form. 
  • Most doctors’ offices have their own immunization and medical forms that ask that answer the same questions as the camp formI usually update the state health form provided by my child’s pediatrician” 
  • If anything changes between when you fill out the form and when your camper leaves for camp – just reach out to the camp team, they will help update the information.” 

Having the most up to date and honest information about your camper helps our staff give each individual kid the best summer experience possible! We really do read every form!  

Have more questions about forms? Email osrui@urj.org