“EIE You Changed My Life” Ethan Ehrlich

by Vanessa Ehrlich, OSRUI Faculty Member and Educator at Lakeside Congregation in Highland Park, IL

This morning I woke up and read this on my youngest son’s Facebook:  “over the past four months, i have had the most amazing time of my life. I made countless memories, I’m sure lifelong friendships, and have totally changed as a person. I have been apart from you guys for around 12 hours and i already miss you guys more than i can bear. I love you all so much.”

I couldn’t be happier or prouder.  Ethan has been in Israel on EIE, the Reform Movement’s High School in Israel semester program. I know Ethan had a transformative experience although we did not hear much from him over the 4 months.  Weekly phone calls and sporadic emails and some Facebook postings; he didn’t blog, post many pictures but we did have a great visit when I participated in the Parents Pilgrimage.  Reading this post this morning I knew, as I knew all along it was all worth it and then some.


Ethan is a former OSRUI camper and will be joining the staff this summer on the Avodah Corps.  Read Vanessa’s original blog post at In One Ehrlich.