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At OSRUI we celebrate Jewish tradition while giving campers tools to explore their identity in in unique ways while being part of an immersive Jewish community.

Welcoming Community

OSRUI is home to a diverse range of people all living a distinctly Jewish life.  OSRUI is a Reform Jewish community and we welcome a large number of families from a wide range of backgrounds and movements. Jewish values surround our camp culture, and these values of respect and kindness build friendships that last a lifetime.

Jewish living

Judaism is seamlessly woven into our daily life at camp. Campers have daily t’fillah (prayer) and limudim (study) that is joyful, musical, and engaging. OSRUI is proud to be a place where Hebrew language thrives – all campers learn new Hebrew words and phrases daily while our older teens have the opportunity to participate in Hebrew immersion programs, both at camp and in Israel!


Shabbat is the highlight of camp for many of our campers! On Friday evening, the entire camp comes together for services, dinner and Shabbat Shira – OSRUI’s vibrant all-camp song session. On Saturday, we enjoy a picnic lunch, Israeli dancing and a special schedule with more relaxed programming.