Blog  Tiferet Prepares for the Star Spangled Mesibah

Tiferet Prepares for the Star Spangled Mesibah

by Emily Schwartz, Tiferet Rosh Eidah

I can’t believe we’ve only been at camp for a week! So much has happened in this time.

Tiferet has been busy getting ready for our Star-Spangled Mesibah, the all camp talent show we’ll be hosting this coming Saturday. I’d love to tell you this year’s theme, but it’s a secret! We’ve been practicing the songs and dance moves as a whole eidah (unit). Last Saturday, chanichim from all over camp came to our Tiferet Beit Am for their talent auditions. This year’s show promises to be full of fun surprises.

Last night was our first Erev Tzrif (Cabin Night), where each tzrif got to do a special evening program planned by their own madrichim. Tzrif Water in the Well had a “Trick or Tzrif” night at Jerry Kaye’s house, Tzrif Not By Might watched The Pagemaster while making some delicious dessert pizzas, Tzrif I Am A Latke had a Texas night complete with cowboy hats and a hayride, and Tzrif T’filat Haderech did a Spa Night at Susan Alexander’s house. I’ve heard a lot of chanichim still talking about these things this morning, which, considering it happened about a month ago in camp time, is a pretty big deal!

Now that the weather is nicer we’ve been able to do a lot more activities outside. We are using our outdoor Beit T’filah for our T’filot services each day. Even the studios are taking advantage of the weather, as kids are outside practicing their instruments or painting. Our first group went to Etgar this afternoon, and we have quite a few climbers!

It’s been a fantastic week in Tiferet, and I’m very excited to see what’s to come.