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Online Registration!

by Denise Heimlich, Manager – Registration & Marketing

We are very excited that parents will be able to register online for Summer 2012! And parents ask us all the time if we take credit cards, and we’ll finally be able to answer “yes!” We’re currently in the testing phase, ironing out all the wrinkles in the system so everything goes smoothly when registration opens. In two weeks, OSRUI Business Manager JoAnn Sandoval and I will be trained on the system along with our counterparts from several other URJ camps. Then finally, we’ll be ready to “go live” sometime toward the end of September or beginning of October. As soon as we have an exact date that registration will open, it will be on our website and we’ll email our current and prospective camper parents.

  • Jonathan Biatch

    Hi, Denise. Do you know the dates for next summer’s sessions? We’re trying to calendar that time with B’nai MItzvah and vacations, and we would love to know! Thanks for your help!

  • Denise Heimlich

    Hi Rabbi Baitch,

    All the dates are on our website! Check out the Registration page: