Blog  Shabbat Shalom from OSRUI!

Shabbat Shalom from OSRUI!


Camp is coming to a close this Sunday, with all of our campers saying their tearful goodbyes (and lots of the staff as well) and looking forward to next year.  It has been a wonderful and exciting week topping off a fabulous summer.  We will be taking down the waterfront and the tents, returning all of the camp equipment to where it belongs and helping your kids, our campers, pack their duffels and suitcases for Sunday’s departure.

This week in Tiferet has been Marathon Week, where they have been finishing their projects in drama, music, dance and visual arts.  Those parents who can come up on Shabbat afternoon to see the Tiferet Bet Closing Program will be as impressed as we are by the incredible talent that Tiferet campers have demonstrated.  If you can’t be with us we will try to make it available on our website.

Kallah Atid (atid is Hebrew for future) campers are here for their 5-day jaunt through just about all that OSRUI has to offer.  We have nearly 80 entering 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders who are just loving their time with new friends and great counselors. We look forward to welcoming them back next summer for a couple of weeks (not just a few days)!  They brought great energy and excitement with them on Wednesday and they haven’t lost any of it!!!

Moshavah returned from their 4-day trips rock climbing, biking, hiking and canoeing.  We always love to listen to the stories that the campers share, but added to that are the great reports that the faculty shared about the time that they spent with a smaller group of campers.  And after their return, the Moshavah campers took a sample Chalutzim test, as they look forward to hopefully spending 7 weeks with us next summer.

Tour La’Agam rode into camp last night, just sneaking through the rain that followed them from Milwaukee.  Every one of them looked great and didn’t stop telling story after story of their thousand-mile bike trip around Lake Michigan.  We are so happy to have them back with us and know that all of our campers will love their narrative when they talk about it to the whole camp tomorrow after lunch.

Kibbutz HaTzofim 7th graders made a valiant effort for their overnight hiking trip, but sadly they got rained out along the way.  Not to worry – we brought them back in good shape (although a bit damp) and they got to spend special time together with their counselors in Port Hall, appreciating the air conditioning.

Last night was the fabulous Gesher Carnival on the theme of the Olympics, with big blowup activities and lots of booths, with the Gesher campers providing the games and Susan passing around cotton candy.  And in case you think that was all, we also had a huge dunk tank outside with Unit Heads and lots of other folks spilling into the basin.  Oh, for those of you who are always checking the weather, this time we cleared out the dining halls and set it all up inside.  Prizes for all!

We really love to emphasize our motto A Summer of Fun and A Lifetime of Friends.  Tomorrow morning we are bringing the whole camp together for the Torah service, when we will call up two couples for their auf ruf in anticipation of their weddings in the early fall and winter.  Dave Cohn and Sarah Ruben were campers, counselors and unit heads.  Beth Avner was as well, and she is now on the national NFTY staff; Beth imported her fiancé, Sam Rodin, into the OSRUI community.  Mazal tov to all of them.

Have a wonderful Shabbat and we look forward to the same.

See you next summer!

Jerry Kaye, Director       Susan Alexander, Associate Director       Solly Kane, Assistant Director

  • Eric J Siroka

    THANKS to everyone who worked so hard and played so well to make it a GREAT summer season for OSRUI: *todah rabbah* to the chanichim, tzevet and segel for a fabulous experience for all. A special dose of gratitude to Jerry, Susan and Solly for guiding our entire camp community for yet another amazing summer.
    Best wishes to all – may the coming New Year be enriched and inspired by the sacred memories we have created together.
    Wishing you all safe journeys and much goodness!!!