Blog  Shabbat Rest and Fun with Kallah!

Shabbat Rest and Fun with Kallah!

By Sam Sterling, Kallah Rosh Eidah

Well, the first week of Kallah Aleph definitely flew by. Although the rain altered some of our plans, Kallah still had a phenomenal face-paint-Friday and first Shabbat.

Jerry told a story about King Solomon and the difference between being wise and clever, and the kids sang their hearts out at the all camp Shabbat Shira.  We feasted on chicken and potatoes and the kids had a well-deserved sleep in. When breakfast came around the kids were pleasantly surprised to see we had doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast! The rest of the day was a continual success and after services and lunch we headed to the lake for some all-Eidah free swim. After swimming we continued with our Shabbos rest and the day ended with a picturesque bonfire featuring folk songs and S’mores.

This week has been just as fulfilling as the previous one. The kids’ filmed skits about Israel, continued with their chugim and lead services for the Eidah. We still have so many great activities left for Kallah Aleph with  Friday afternoon being our Beit Café (talent show). The session will close on Saturday night with my favorite Kallah tradition, the Ice-Cream Box Social! It’s a guaranteed good time.

Sadly, this is my last time I’ll be writing about Kallah Aleph. Our first week and a half has been phenomenal, and I can’t wait to enjoy the last few days with the Chanichim. Kallah Aleph 2013 has been an absolute blast.