Blog  Tzofim’s full of Ruach !!

Tzofim’s full of Ruach !!

By Deborah Goldberg, Tzofim Rosh Eidah


It’s been a great week in Tzofim!  On Friday night, we had our first Kabbalat Shabbat together.  Tzofim has a tradition of gathering on our hill before T’fillot  to hear a story from a member of our segel.  Rokki, a member of our segel for Tzofim Aleph, shared a story about two synagogues—one with beautiful Torahs but with no people and one with older Torahs but a lively congregation—and talked about how the people make up a wonderful community, not the physical things in buildings.  From there, we went to T’fillot and walked upstairs to the Chadar Ochel together for Shabbat dinner and Shabbat shira with all of camp.  Singing with Tzofim on Friday nights is one of my favorite camp traditions and singing the Shehecheyanu together at the end of shira reminded me of how lucky we are to be together as a community!

On Sunday evening, Tzofim and Kallah joined together for a Judaica Bowl.  Tzrifim and ohelim  worked together to answer questions about Judaism and had a great time being together.  The chanichim enjoyed working together and getting to know chanichim in other eidot.  Later this week, we’ll join together with Kallah for limud to talk about how we can stay connected to Am Yisrael (the nation of Israel) even after we leave camp.

On Monday morning, the chanichim looked at haggadot from around the world.  We talked about how Jews all over the world have different traditions, but we also have so many things in common.  We made three different charoset recipes from around the world.  The chanichim had the chance to try their recipes at lunch.  They were all delicious!

I can’t believe it’s already the second week of Tzofim Aleph.  I have enjoyed getting to know all of the Tzofim campers, and I know all the madrichim have enjoyed making this session wonderful for their chanichim.  I am so excited to spend our second Shabbat together on Friday and I am so sad to see Tzofim Aleph come to a close!