Blog  Shabbat Shalom from OSRUI

Shabbat Shalom from OSRUI


The rains finally stopped, although in truth they largely came at night and the days were really quite nice.  Right now the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  We have had lots of activity this week with many of our eidot out on trips.

CHALUTZIM continued with their Hebrew language study.  Last Sunday each camper received their workbook for the rest of the summer and dug right in quite quickly.  In addition, they have had several faculty and staff leading discussions on various topics.  Two interesting ones (among many) were a discussion on healthy behavior and eating led by our camp physician Dr. Ken Heinrich and his wife Dr. Inbar Kirson.  Pardon the pun but the campers in this group “ate it up.”  In addition, Jerry has been leading a discussion group on Jewish values with a number of challenging questions that engaged all in the circle.  Thursday was Yom Avodah in Chalutzim, where campers worked on a number of different projects to clean up and clear out the whole area.  After a day of real effort, the Chalutzim campus looks great.  Kudos to the counselors and the campers.

MOSHAVAH went out on their first trips – biking, hiking, rock climbing and canoeing.  Their rabbis joined in and counselors took them throughout the State of Wisconsin challenging them to undertake these journeys.  They came back pretty tired and the laundry service along with our camp showers were a real relief.  They will be out again this coming week, switching to different trips.

TIFERET continued their work in their arts and then took a break for a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum.  On this trip they had guided tours through the museum by docents and our faculty.  After the guided trips, the kids were divided into groups and wandered through the museum to find art that attracted them personally.  Following up their day at the museum they spent the afternoon at the movies watching Monster University and had great fun there with friends and popcorn!!

KIBBUTZ HATZOFIM and KALLAH are finishing their session this weekend.  Their rabbis and educators joined together with a culmination of their Jewish learning pieces. And of course, today is Facepaint Friday in Kallah with yesterday being High Sock Thursday in Tzofim – always loads of fun.   Everyone is sad to say goodbye  to their new friends and counselors.  We do look forward to having some campers with us for the next two weeks in Kallah Bet and Tzofim Bet.  To the campers who are heading home, we say l’hitraot.

Last night Billy Jonas, a great talent who has been part of camp for some time, joined us and presented a rip-roaring concert – Bangin’ and Sangin’.  Billy tours the country with his unusual method of drumming on garbage cans and plastic bottles.  He turned the entire camp into a foot stomping, clapping and singing event.  Yesterday and today he met with each unit individually so campers and staff could hear more of his music and the excitement that he creates.

We invite parents to check our website and look under Lehrhaus for adult programs coming up over the next few weeks.  These programs welcome some extraordinary teachers with lots of camp excitement built in.  There is still room to sign up.

Shabbat Shalom to all,

Jerry Kaye, Director            Susan Alexander, Associate Director