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Museum and Mesibah

By Naomi Gamoran, Tiferet Rosh Eidah

What a week we have had in Tiferet! Our kehila (community) has really begun to come together, and the chanichim are looking forward to an amazing third week!

Last week Tiferet had a lot of excitement! On Wednesday, we went on a surprise trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The chanichim toured around the museum with our wonderful art specialists and then divided into studios for studio in the museum! Each group used the artwork in unique ways, connecting the paintings and sculptures with their own mediums. After a delightful picnic lunch, the chanichim roamed around the museum in groups. During this free time they were able to look at paintings by artists such as Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, and Andy Warhol and they had a wonderful time! Following the museum, the chanichim saw Monsters University, another wonderful surprise!

Last week the chanichim also spent the evenings preparing for the Mesibah, the all-camp talent show that Tiferet hosts! Throughout the talent show, Tiferet campers perform skits and songs, which the madrichim prepared earlier this summer. All the Tiferet chanichim are excited about this amazing opportunity to perform in front of all of camp. The talent show is this Saturday, and the Tiferet chanichim can’t wait!

It has been a wonderful first two weeks in Tiferet! All of the chanichim are beginning to come together as a group, and all are making wonderful friends! I can’t wait for the next two weeks!