Blog  Dance Dance Chalutzim!!

Dance Dance Chalutzim!!

By Micah Brandhandler, Chalutzim Rosh Eidah

This past week was a great one in Chalutzim.  We had our Yom Avodah which was a complete success.  We painted a side of our bathroom which Rena designed, we painted two signs which Kyle and Ruth designed, and we decided to paint a flag this year that we can take to our all camp events which was designed by Cameron.  We also did little things around Chalutzim such as cleaning up our midurah (fire pit) and our Beit T’filah.  We put those places to use right away by having services outside and a campfire for one of our evening programs.  The highlight of Yom Avodah for many of the chanichim was learning a new dance that our Israelis taught to everyone called Seibben Seibben.  After everything had been painted we took a break and danced.

We also had a wonderful field trip this week in which we took all of the chanichim to Naga Waukee Park.  We made some sack lunches and went to the park that had a huge field, lots of picnic tables, a volley ball court, and a lake.  We had a lot of fun playing Ultimate Frisbee, Volley Ball, and some card games.  The chanichim taught our Israeli staff some American games and then the Israelis taught us some games such as Yaniv.  After the park we decided to play a little prank on the chanichim.  We told the chanichim that we were heading back to camp for showers, but we actually went to the movie theaters and saw Monsters University which everyone loved.

It was a long week full of fun and excitement and I know that next week will be just as exciting with Maccabiah Games and the Mesibah.