Blog  Tzofim’s Got Ruach!

Tzofim’s Got Ruach!

By Deborah Goldberg, Tzofim Rosh Eidah

Tzofim Gimmel has been having so much fun together!  Last night, Tzofim hosted Oconomostock, an annual talent show put on by Tzofim.  Tzofim worked hard to learn songs and dances to open and close the show.  The seventh graders also performed a song in the middle of the show.  All of camp gathered on the Bitan to watch the talent show.  Tzofim kept the theme a secret from all of camp for past two weeks!  We revealed the theme last night when we revealed our sign—the theme was based on Alice in Wonderland and the title of the show was Oconomowonderland!  Some of our seventh graders acted as MCs and performed in between the different talent acts.  The story of Oconomostock this year was really wonderful—the message of the story was that camp is already a wonderland and that the best way to have fun is by working together.  Campers and staff all really enjoyed the show.  It was amazing to see all of Tzofim’s spirit and Tzofim’s talent at the show last night.  The rest of camp is so talented as well and we were able to watch so many amazing performances last night.

In limud, we’ve continued talking about being a Kehillah Kedoshah.  On Monday morning, Tzofim participated in a drum circle!  The drum circle was led by our two new segel members who joined our eidah on Sunday evening, Rabbi Scott Segal from Cong. Am Ech0d in Lindenhurst, IL, and Rabbi Toby Manewith from Temple Beth El in Northbrook, IL.   The chanichim had to listen to each other and to the different rhythms in order to create music.  It was an awesome experience to be a part of.  Some of the chanichim made the connection between working in a drum circle together and being able to work together to put on Ostock.  It was inspiring to hear the chanichim talk so thoughtfully about what it means to live together in a kehillah.

Our days have been filled with all the great things camp has to offer!  We’ve been playing sports and participating in different chugim.  The chanichim have had the chance to take care of our refet and our gan.  We’ve picked several tomatoes and our peppers are almost ready to be picked as well!

Tzofim is looking forward to a great next few days.  On Thursday, all of camp will participate in the Maccabiah Games.  The chanichim will get the chance to compete in sports activities as well as create cheers and signs for their teams.  It promises to be a really exciting and special day at camp!  At the end of this week, we will celebrate our third Shabbat together as an eidah.  Our songleaders have been teaching new songs and playing old favorites in order to get the eidah ready for Shabbat Shira on Friday night.  It’s been a wonderful session so far, and I am looking forward to the time we have left together as Tzofim Gimmel 2013!