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OSRUI’s Gold Medal Winner

Garrett and Jerry

OSRUI Director Jerry Kaye wears one of Garrett Weber-Gale’s Olympic Gold Medals.

On the last Shabbat of the summer season, OSRUI was thrilled to welcome to camp Garrett Weber-Gale, Olympic Gold Medal winner and OSRUI Alum.  Garrett won two gold medals in swimming at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  He was a champion during his summers at OSRUI as well, winning the OSRUI Triathlon every year.

Just before his visit to OSRUI, Garrett was in Israel at the 19th Maccabiah Games.  He won several medals, but clearly one of the highlights of the experience was carrying the United States’ flag during the Opening Ceremonies, which he described as “the honor of my life.”

Garrett Weber-Gale with the OSRUI athletes from Tour La'Agam.

Garrett Weber-Gale with the OSRUI athletes from Tour La’Agam.

During his visit to OSRUI, Garrett spoke to the entire camp community during Shabbat Shira.  He spoke about his experience in the Maccabiah Games and how amazing it was to see Jewish athletes from all over the world.  Afterwards, he greeted campers and staff for photos and questions.  He graciously shared one of his gold medals with OSRUI Director Jerry Kaye, but just for the photo!