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Tour La’Agam…L’hitraot!

By Scott Goode, Rosh Eidah of Tour La’Agam

Shalom! My name is Scott Goode and I am the Rosh Eidah (unit head) this year of Tour La’agam. We are very excited to get on the road for this tiyul (trip). After months of planning and training we are finally on our way. Many of the chanichim (campers) and madrichim (staff) have been riding between twenty and sixty miles a day in preparation for Tour La’agam.

We have three great madrichim helping to lead this tiyul. Adam Kazilsky is returning to Tour La’agam staff as our rosh bike guy.  He has biked most of the U.S. and just recently completed a 3000 mile bike journey along the Lewis and Clark trail. Lizzy Scheinkopf is joining Tour La’agam this year after having been the Rosh Eidah of Moshavah for two years and is excited to go from three and four day tiyulim to two weeks! Becky DeNelsky will be the driver of our support van, a position she has done for many years now. We have sixteen chanichim (campers) going on the trip, some of whom are doing this trip for a second time.

We will be on the road for sixteen days, traveling across eastern Wisconsin into northern and western Michigan before taking a ferry back across to Wisconsin. In total, we are planning to bike 775 miles around Lake Michigan in just fifteen days, averaging just over fifty miles a day.

Well, it’s that time to get going. Everyone is eager to start and we have a lot of biking to do. See you all in two weeks for shabbat. We’ll be sending updates and pictures along the way so make sure to follow us on the OSRUI facebook page. L’hitraot!

  • Eliot Shapiro

    Safe travels Scott and crew. We’ll see you for a relaxing lunch up north next week!