Blog  Kallah Begins…Again!

Kallah Begins…Again!

By Yonah London, Rosh Eidah of Kallah

IMG_8413With just as much ruach (spirit) and excitement as the first time around, Kallah and Tzofim began their Bet sessions today. The chanichim (campers) arrived this morning to the sounds of the song leaders’ guitar playing and the excited cheers from their madrichim (counselors). The group spent the morning outside playing games, singing songs and getting pumped up for the start of their session at OSRUI. After meeting with the whole group all of the chanichim had a picnic style lunch, which served hot dogs (a longstanding opening day tradition)!

The group ate lunch picnic-style as everyone got to know their cabin mates. Just as we were finishing our meal, it started drizzling. We headed inside as the rain started to come, and just in time! Right as we got inside of the chadar ochel (dining hall), it started to pour. Even so, we continued our opening day activities inside of the chadar ochel as normal. The chanichim had the opportunity to choose the chugim (elective activities) that they would like to participate in for the session, they took their Hebrew placement questionaires, and established guidelines and rules for their tzrif  (cabin).

Finally, the rain let up and the chanichim all moved into their tzrifim. Once again, Kallah made it through an opening day of rain with few complications!

We are so excited for this session in Kallah and we have a lot of special programs to look forward to.  First off, the campers who were interested tried out for the Kallah team for the Judaica Bowl (OSRUI’s own all camp Judaica trivia game), which will take place later this week. Soon enough, Kallah and Tzofim chanichim will also have the chance to audition for the Star Spangled Mesibah (the all camp talent show and celebration of US independence). I can barely wait to see what amazing representation Kallah Bet will have at both events!