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Unplug for Summer

by Solly Kane, OSRUI Director

Camp is a great place for kids to unplug from technology. At camp, relationships are built face-to-face rather than through group chats and social media. Art is created with paintbrushes and pottery clay instead of Snapchat filters. Sports are played with balls, rackets, sweat, and occasionally a scrape or two, not a click or swipe. And, the weather is checked in the morning by stepping out on the cabin porch or rolling up the tent flaps, not by opening an app.

Technology can certainly be great, but as we prepare to welcome campers to OSRUI, here’s some guidance regarding our policy on electronics and technology at camp.

I hope our parents will partner with us in making sure that all campers in our community adhere to these policies:

For Summer 2018, OSRUI will be screen-free. We have made this decision in close consultation with camper parents, and we believe it furthers the value of community that we hold dearly at camp. Furthermore, we believe this policy will help create the kind of experience we strive for at camp. In these days of instant communication and constant technology, camp is one of the few places throughout the year where kids can truly unplug and focus.

So what does screen-free mean? For Summer 2018, the only electronics allowed at OSRUI are:

• Screen-less music players (e.g. iPod shuffles or other, similar MP3 players or CD players).
• Digital or disposable cameras. Campers who would like to take photos at camp may bring an inexpensive digital camera, instant camera or disposable cameras.

All other music players, tablets, ebook readers, portable game devices, and video players should remain at home.

As part of this policy, we ask parents to not send camper(s) to camp with a cell phone.

All cell phones brought to camp will be collected and returned to campers on closing day. If a camper is traveling by air and bringing a cell phone for the trip, it will be put in the safe with any other valuables (cash for the trip, a copy of the ticket or itinerary) and returned on closing day.

There’s more information on this policy (along with lots of other helpful information) in the OSRUI Family Handbook, which is on the Forms Dashboard in CampInTouch.

Thank you to all our parents for their understanding and cooperation.