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Careers at OSRUI

Join the OSRUI Team!

It’s an exciting time at OSRUI; our full-time, year-round, team is growing! We are looking for hard-working, passionate professionals who care about the impact of meaningful Jewish youth programs. At OSRUI we believe our staff is the key to the magic that happens at camp and beyond. Our full-time professionals guide this work, are role models in the community, and create the experiences that change lives for kids and families. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please read on and learn more about our open positions.

–Solly Kane, OSRUI Director

OSRUI Assistant Director 
The role of Assistant Director at OSRUI is vital to the success of camp. Assistant Directors support the work of the Camp Director in the design and execution of the camp program, in the recruitment and retention of campers and families, in the identification, hiring and training of staff members, in the oversight of critical operational areas, and in other work throughout the off-season and summer. During the summer, the Assistant Director lives in residence at camp and is “on-duty” 24/7 for approximately 11 weeks.  Full job description and application information.

NFTY-CAR Advisor
The role of NFTY-Chicago Area Region (CAR) Advisor is perfect for someone passionate about Jewish youth engagement and looking to grow in a dynamic role that blends large- and small-scale projects, strategic thinking, logistics, relationship-building, and the chance to inspire entire generations of Jewish teens. The NFTY-CAR Regional Advisor will work as part of the OSRUI team as an Assistant Director for Year-Round Engagement in the camp catchment area. During the summer, the NFTY-CAR Regional Advisor lives in residence at OSRUI for an extended period of time in a senior leadership capacity.  Full job description and application information.

OSRUI Operations Manager
The Operations Manager functions as the primary manager for year-round rental business and programs and the primary liaison for most major operational areas such as transportation, food and health services, housing, housekeeping, and security. During the summer, the Operations Manager lives in residence at camp and is “on-duty” 24/7 for approximately 11 weeks. During the off-season, the Operations Manager will be required to work on weekends regularly for events and rental groups at camp.  Full job description and application information.