Blog  Preparing for Camp: Laundry 101

Preparing for Camp: Laundry 101

by Libby Fisher, Communications Manager

You ask, we answer!

This week, we’ve heard a lot of questions about laundry at camp. Here’s some helpful laundry information as you prepare to send your chanichim (campers) to OSRUI!

– Laundry service is available so that campers staying for 3 weeks or more need bring no more than the items on the Packing List. Campers staying 2 weeks generally do not do laundry. 

– Laundry is sent out to a service and costs approximately $1.85 per pound with a minimum of 10 pounds. The cost is charged to the camper’s canteen account.

– Laundry is sent out once a week and is returned the next day.


Libby Fisher is OSRUI’s summer Communications Manager, helping our community get a window into our summer experience. Libby spent her summers as a camper, staff member, and Unit Head at OSRUI.  Thanks to her experiences at camp, Libby is now studying to become a rabbi at HUC-JIR in Cincinnati, OH.