Blog  Gesher Means Bridge!

Gesher Means Bridge!

by Jami Goldberg, Gesher Rosh Eidah (Unit Head)

I can’t believe our session is almost over! We have had an AMAZING last week at camp, with a tiyul (trip) to Madison, concluding chugim (electives), and our big end of the session event – Gesher Carnival! We spent so much time preparing to welcome all of camp for this awesome evening. We all introduced the Carnival with a song, and then we took turns running activities. We had a bouncy castle, Sponge the Sgan (assistant unit head), whipped cream pie throwing, and even a dunk tank! All of the rashei eidot took turns in the tank, and we even got to dunk Solly!

The word Gesher literally means “bridge” in English, and as we near the end of our four weeks together, this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. In so many ways, our eidah (unit) is a bridge for our chanichim (campers). Over the past session, we’ve bridged the gaps between one another as we became one kehilah (community). Each one of us has crossed a personal bridge as we’ve overcome personal challenges. We even created a bridge  by running Carnival, where all of camp came together to celebrate an awesome summer. Now, as we look back across the bridge of our summer, we can see how far we’ve come! And of course, no matter which eidah our chanichim will go to next summer, we know that Gesher was a part of our journey. Thanks for an incredible four weeks, Gesher Gimmel! See you next year!

Jami Goldberg is thrilled to spend her 12th summer at OSRUI as Rosh Eidah of Gesher! While she just returned from a semester abroad in Argentina, she’s always excited to travel home to Oconomowoc.