Blog  The Four Questions … About Canteen

The Four Questions … About Canteen

In anticipation of the start of Passover and the opening of our spring eStore (the Monday after Seders), here are our Four Questions (and a bonus Fifth Question!) … about canteen at OSRUI this summer.

  1. In the past, I paid a canteen fee and my camper shopped in the canteen (camp store) a few times a week. That’s not happening anymore?
    Correct. This year, there was no canteen fee when you registered for camp; tuition includes laundry, all snacks, and basic items like shampoo or toothpaste if they get lost. This change also means that OSRUI Gear is now being sold online before the summer, starting April 22!
  2. But kids could buy treats in canteen. Does that mean no more slushies??!!
    All snacks and treats at camp are included in this year’s registration fee. We are working to make sure we offer a selection of healthy snacks throughout the summer; but don’t worry, we’ll still have an occasional treat and slushie for campers.
  3. Last year my child lost a toothbrush … twice. Toiletries could be purchased in canteen if kids needed something. What happens now?
    We’ll have basic items on-hand for campers who misplace or run out of toiletries, etc. (You should still plan to send everything on the packing list so that your child has the brands and products they are comfortable with at home.) Some of the items we will have available, if needed, include: shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, batteries, contact solution, sunscreen, and bug spray.
  4. Why the change?
    Campers visited canteen 2-3 times/week. We want them to spend that time in fun activities rather than waiting in line at canteen. We also heard from parents that the camp registration fees were complicated, so we worked to consolidate our pricing and not have additional miscellaneous charges.
    And now for your bonus question …
  5. What about laundry?
    Campers who will be at camp 3 weeks or longer will have the opportunity to do laundry during their session. The cost is included in your camp tuition this year. Campers who will be at camp for 5 days or 2 weeks will not do laundry. The packing list includes 2 weeks of clothing; please make sure to bring everything on the list.


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The OSRUI eStore Will be Open
Monday, April 22nd – Monday, May 6th.

All orders will be shipped to arrive before opening day (June 17th).
The link to the eStore will be emailed to parents and staff and posted on our website and Facebook page.


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