Blog  A Postcard from Camp: News from OSRUI Spring 2019

A Postcard from Camp: News from OSRUI Spring 2019

From the Director

I recently returned from Israel where I spent a few days with the 35 Israelis who will be joining us as staff at camp this summer. Our Israeli shlichim (emissaries) come to us through a highly-competitive application process through the Jewish Agency. They are an exceptional group, excited about coming to OSRUI, and looking forward to being a part of our camp community and sharing what life is like in Israel.

It was also a historic week to be in Israel. Israel held a tightly-contested election while I was there. In the days before and after the vote, Israelis were debating the candidates and outcome in every coffee shop and on every street corner. I was also in Israel for the attempted moon landing by SpaceIL, the Israeli organization trying to become only the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon. The spacecraft – named Beresheet (Genesis) meaning “in the beginning” – lost communications in the final minutes of its six-week journey and crashed onto the moon’s surface. Israel truly was on an emotional roller-coaster as a nation over the time that I was there.

There is a line in Maariv Aravim – the prayer about creation that we recite in evening services – thanking God for arranging the stars in the sky according to plan. In the summer, when the starry sky is clearly visible over camp, I can’t help but think of the contrast between the small world we create at camp and the vast expanses of the universe visible to us. Looking up at the stars, we do not see perfect order but rather different shapes and sizes grouped together and spread apart in a seemingly random way. Maariv Aravim teaches that what we are looking out at is not random but is the result of a thoughtful plan.  It is an important reminder that the results of a well-laid plan can take many shapes.

While Israel undoubtedly would have rather successfully landed on the moon, there is a lesson to be learned from Maariv Aravim. As we turn to the stars and reflect on the miracle of a 70-year-old country of 9 million people coming within minutes of landing a spacecraft on the moon, we must remember that the results of careful planning can still be unpredictable and can still be beautiful. Israel is a living reminder of the need to never give up. Days after the failed landing, SpaceIL announced they would try again with a mission named Beresheet 2, reminding us that “in the beginning” is exactly that: a beginning.

Our Israeli counselors joining us at camp bring their skills, talents, and energy with them to camp. They also bring the lessons of SpaceIL with them: a willingness to dream of the impossible, the hard-work to make it happen, and the resilience to try again after coming so close.

Summer is right around the corner and I am looking forward to working with our staff to arrange the stars at camp “according to plan” for another amazing summer at OSRUI.

All of us at OSRUI wish you a Chag Pesach Sameach!



Solly Kane, Director

2018 Was an Incredible Year for OSRUI!

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A big thank you goes out to our entire community for all that you do to make OSRUI home for so many!

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Countdown to Summer 2019!

Meet the 2019 Summer Staff

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Where are They Now?
Alumni Spotlight on Cheese Monger Jill Zenoff

Recently, we sat down with OSRUI Alum Jill Zenoff

Years at Camp:  I spent 9 years as a camper and staff member in the ’90s and ’00s.

Currently:  I’m an environmental educator, agrarian, community organizer, and chef.  I recently took top prize at the Cheese Monger Invitational.

How camp has impacted my life:  Camp was where I could be the most myself. The rest of the year school, chores, etc. were everything you did to pass the time until you got to go back to camp … And today, I draw upon my experiences at camp every single day both at work and in life.

​Read more about Jill on our blog.

Where are They Now?
A Novel Take on OSRUI in the ’80s

Mark Swartz (camper 1978-84; staff 1986-87) recently self-published Summertime Jews, a coming-of-age story set in 1986 at a Jewish summer camp in Wisconsin. The cover image, an “archival” photo, features the author, Mitch Silver, Alan Berlin, and Scott Cohen.

Mark, who lives in Takoma Park, MD, with his wife and two kids, wants to stress that the novel’s characters are not based on real-life people, and the events are almost entirely invented. “It’s been great hearing from old friends and campers,” he says. “I haven’t been back to OSRUI since the eighties, but I hear it’s changed a lot.”

Chalutzim Reunions

We look forward to welcoming back to camp our Chalutzim “decade” reunions! If you attended Chalutzim in 2009, 1999, 1989, 1979, or 1969 (or even if you didn’t attend, but that’s your group of camp friends), we hope to see you July 26-27 at OSRUI!

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