Blog  Eating Right and Staying Fit at Camp

Eating Right and Staying Fit at Camp

Maintaining the Health and Wellness of our campers and staff during the summer is of the utmost importance.  In a previous blog, we talked about forms, medication and the Health Center.  But we know that good health and wellness involve more than that, including eating right and being physically active! We have some exciting changes for Summer 2019 to help us reach those goals.

We strive to provide plenty of healthy, nutritious, and delicious food at OSRUI.  We’ve made a few changes to our menu this summer along those lines:

  • Breakfast cereal: We’ll be offering more healthy choices (a few of our campers’ favorites will still be available).
  • Peanuts: OSRUI no longer serves peanut butter at camp. SunButter and Wowbutter are available as alternatives. Although we do not have any nuts in our kitchen or in the products we use in the kitchen, we do still have items in our kitchen that may have been packaged in a facility with nuts.
  • Salad bar: Salad bar will be on the menu at every lunch and dinner in every unit. Campers can look forward to an assortment of vegetables, protein, and other options to top their salad.
  • Snacks: We’ve updated our snacks for the summer to make sure we have an assortment of healthy, kid friendly snacks (and the occasional slushy too – a camp favorite!)

Fitness Center
While kids do get plenty of exercise at camp, we know some prefer more than just running around and playing sports.  We’re excited to announce that this year we are opening our new Fitness Center in the sports center, for use by our older campers and our staff/faculty.

The Fitness Center will feature a variety of exercise equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes for those days when it is too hot or too rainy to go for a run on our beautiful camp grounds. Many parents have asked what will happen to the space that used to house the OSRUI canteen … and the answer is, that’s our new Fitness Center!