Blog  Your Guide to Chugim 2019

Your Guide to Chugim 2019

Sports! Art! Music! Etgar! Cooking! Sailing! These are just a few of our incredible chugim (electives) that are offered at camp this summer. Campers are able to pick one or two chugim each day. These periods are a chance for your camper to tailor their session to their favorite activities. Can’t pick just one? Most campers will be switching every 4 or 5 days so they can try many of the choices.

When your child gets to camp, they will be able to hear about the chugim that are available and preference which ones they want to do. This guide to chugim will help them think about which ones are interesting to them. All of our chugim are intended to help our campers develop skills in a certain area, and there is no prior experience necessary!

There are so many great chugim offered that sometimes it can be hard to choose which ones to do! Perhaps you love drama, but really wish you could play sports every so often. Well, new this year, in some of our eidot we are introducing chaverut (daily activity). In chaverut, campers in many of our eidot (units) rotate between different activities each day with the same group of kids. One day, they can climb etgar (high ropes course) and the next they can create a craft project. Chaverut activities will allow campers to try more activities throughout the summer, build on skills they already have, and deepen relationships throughout their eidah (unit).

Below are some of the chugim that are offered this summer:

Art:  Have you ever wanted to express your passion for art?  Art chug is your chance to try drawing, painting, and sculpting in our art studio.

Arts and Crafts: Arts and Crafts chug is a chance for campers to create different crafts like lanyards, friendship bracelets, watercolors, tie dye and more!

Basketball:  Want to improve your skills and techniques on the hardwood?  Join basketball chug and work on your jump shot, passing, and dribbling skills along with fun games and friendly competition.

Cooking:  Want to be a master chef?  Indulge in various cooking classes where you will make a variety of amazing snacks and meals, from the easy like cookies and pizza to the exotic like guacamole and spaghetti to the Israeli with hummus and shakshuka.

Drama: See yourself on stage as Hamilton or behind the mic making people laugh?  Join drama chug to work on your improv, monologue, and acting skills.

Etgar: Challenge yourself on one of our many high ropes activities! You could climb the tower, go ziplining or experience the thrills of the high ropes course. A new challenge every day!

Horseback Riding: Whether you’ve ridden a horse a hundred times, or want to try for the first time, our stables staff will help you trot and canter on your favorite horse!

Lifeguarding (Chalutzim only):  Ever dreamed of being on the waterfront staff at camp?  Lifeguarding chug is where it all begins.  Get certified from the American Red Cross with our trained lifeguarding team.

Media:  Have you ever fantasized about being behind the camera? Writing? Producing? Directing? In media chug you’ll learn how to create your own cinematic blockbuster.

Music:  Try your hand at a variety of musical instruments while writing and performing your own original hits.

Photography:  We’re not talking about selfies.  In photography chug you’ll learn the art and science of taking beautiful photographs.

Sailing:  Set the high sails on Lac La Belle with sailing chug.  Learn how to navigate, sail, and operate your own boat.

Soccer: Want to improve your skills and techniques on the pitch?  Join soccer chug and work on your shooting, passing, and dribbling skills along with fun games and friendly competition.

Songleading: Have you always dreamed of being a songleader at camp? This is your chance to learn how to develop your skills to become a great songleader!

Sports: Love sports?  Can’t get enough of them?  Sports chug allows you more time with our amazing sports staff.  Play sports you know and love or try something new.

Tennis.  Whether you’ve been playing for years or are a beginner, if you love tennis, this chug’s for you.  Perfect your skills or learn the basics.  Game. Set. Match.

Teva:  Show your love for nature and the earth by joining Teva chug.  Work in the garden, learn to build a fire, go on hikes, and enjoy all the adventures and fun of being outdoors.