Blog  Music in the Air: Hava Nashira and Shabbat Shira

Music in the Air: Hava Nashira and Shabbat Shira

The sound of voices raised in song and beautiful melodies filled the air last week, during Hava Nashira Songleading Workshop.  Hava Nashira is the premier songleading program of the Reform Movement, serving diverse populations from a variety of movements, communities, camps and congregations.  The photos below will give you a taste of what participants experienced.

While Hava Nashira is offered once a year before the camp season begins, OSRUI offers another special music program this fall.  Shabbat Shira (October 31 – November 3) is a collaborative Jewish music conference which brings together songwriters, songleaders, and worship leaders to learn new repertoire and share ideas for creating more meaningful singing communities.  Learn more and register here.


Hava Nashira 2019