Blog  It’s Time to Pack for Camp!

It’s Time to Pack for Camp!

Camper luggage is is gathered from buses and cars by our Avodahniks and delivered to each unit.

The packing list has been checked, the bug spray purchased, the clothing laid out.  Now, how do you pack for camp, to make sure your child can find their things easily, and hopefully bring home everything?  Here are some tips and tricks … our staff suggestions and some we’ve gathered from parents.

  1. Label your child’s things … with the full name, not just initials. Initials are fine if they lose something in the cabin or tent, but most kids lose things all over camp and full names helps us make sure that your childrens’ belongings get back to them! Note:  Some parents have said they don’t bother labeling socks or underwear .. they don’t care if they ever get them back.
  2. Duffel or suitcase? Use whatever you have – there is no need to go out and buy new luggage.  Remember that your child won’t be keeping the luggage in the cabin or tent … it will go into storage until the end of the session.  So, please don’t send a trunk, or something similar, intending for it to be used to store things.  If you do need to purchase something new, we suggest a duffel.  Please limit packing to two duffels or suitcases and a backpack.  Everything on the packing list should fit into two good size bags.
  3. Wheels or no wheels? It’s up to you. Luggage is delivered to the area outside of cabins/tents (see photo) and our counselors will help campers get it into their bunk.  So, wheels aren’t necessary, and they could get damaged over the rough terrain.  
  4. Name labels or laundry marker? Whichever you prefer.  You can purchase name labels on your CampInTouch Dashboard, or there are links to other companies on our website.  If you use marker, just make sure it’s laundry marker, which won’t wash out. 
  5. Use plastic bags for packing. This helps keep things organized.  Campers will have limited shelves or cubbies to store their things.   Some parents pack all of one item in a bag (all socks, all underwear, all t-shirts).  Others say their kids do better if they put a complete outfit together (underwear, socks, t-shirt, shorts).
  6. Use a storage bin for stationery, books, booklight, etc. Get one that will fit under your child’s bunk. And keep in mind that the bunkmate will probably have the same idea, so the bin shouldn’t be too big.
    Note:  If your child will be living in tents (Tzofim or Moshavah), plastic bags and storage bins are important for keeping things dry.
  7. Sew irreplaceable items (blanket, stuffed animal) inside the sleeping bag. We usually say don’t bring expensive items or something that can’t be replaced.  But we understand that some kids can’t sleep without their favorite blanket or stuffed animal.  Stitching it inside the sleeping bag or onto the blanket (just a few stiches will do) will help keep it safe.
  8. Include a list of everything your child is bringing to camp. With a list, your child can check to make sure they unpacked everything, and have a handy list when they pack to go home. Send a couple copies of the list: one to stay in the storage bin with stationary, etc., and one to put at the bottom of the duffel/suitcase so it is still there at the end of the session when it is time to pack.

Still looking for the packing list?  Check the OSRUI Family Handbook (on your Forms Dashboard) or our website!