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Tips for Writing Your Campers

In just a few hours the gates will open and OSRUI will kick off opening day for the summer of 2019.  The staff have done everything this past week … inclusion training, CPR, learning how to incorporate Hebrew and Judaism into our daily schedule, cleaning up camp and getting our living spaces ready for our campers, learning how to create amazing programs and experiences, and more.

We asked the madrichim (staff) what they would want families to know right now about how they were feeling leading up to opening day.  Here are just a few comments:

“I am excited for my campers to come and see how camp is packed with so many amazing activities.”

“I have been watching staff come together and it feels so natural.  I can’t wait for the campers to come and complete our community.”

Just as we are getting ready here at camp, parents and campers are busy packing and getting everything ready for their amazing summer experience.  Keeping in touch with your camper is just another part of their experience.  Our Camper Care Director Debbie Locketz offers these tips to keep them in mind when writing to your campers while they are at camp:

  • Even in the face of your child’s own homesickness, you shouldn’t tell your child how much you miss them.
  • Please do not give your child things to worry about. News from home should not be shocking but rather fun and light-hearted.
  • It’s best to present an upbeat report on what’s going on at home without making anything up. If you have bad news that you feel you need to share with your child while they are at camp, either wait until you are face-to-face or give the office a call and the camper care team can help problem solve what to do.
  • Parents should ask questions that help prompt their child to write back. For example:  Who are some new friends you’ve made?  What are you most surprised about? Have you eaten any new foods?  Have you done any new activities?

Thank you for sending us your children.  We can’t wait to continue to watch our community grow!  Should you have questions or concerns about your camper, please reach out to Debbie Locketz, Camper Care Director: