Blog  A Wonderful Beginning to Kallah Aleph!

A Wonderful Beginning to Kallah Aleph!

By Ashley Barrett, Kallah Rosh Eidah (Unit Head)

After just two days, I can already tell this is going to be an amazing summer in Kallah! During staff week, the tzevet (staff) in Kallah were just teeming with excitement as they couldn’t wait for the chanichim (campers) to arrive, and when they did, it was a wonderful time filled with games, songs, and cookies! After that, we broke off into our eidah (unit), learned our eidah cheers, and had some delicious hot dogs for lunch – a classic OSRUI opening day meal.

We’ve already done so much in our first couple days, and there’s still so much to experience as well. Yesterday we basked in the beautiful weather while swimming in the pool, which was a great way to start off the day. The kids especially loved playing water volleyball, and going down the slides of course! The chugim (daily elective activities) are also in full swing, with the chanichim participating in a wide range of activities from cooking, to soccer, to horseback riding. This summer at camp, we’re really trying to put an emphasis on the kids being able to try as many activities as they want to!

There’s a lot to look forward to in Kallah in the next couple weeks. Tonight, our chanichim are having their first cabin night, where their counselors plan an extra special activity for them as their tochnit erev (evening program). On Friday, we’ll be doing one of Kallah’s best traditions: face paint Friday! Then, later in the day will be the first Shabbat of the summer, which we’ll experience as a whole camp community in the brand new Heichal HaTarbut Kaye. Over these next couple weeks, we can’t wait to really show our campers why Kallah is such an energetic and fun environment!


Ashley Barrett, our Kallah Rosh Eidah, is celebrating her 14th summer at OSRUI, and her 4th on staff. She has just finished her second year in rabbinical school at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, and is also excited to try horseback riding this summer at camp!