Blog  Continued Joy in Gesher Aleph

Continued Joy in Gesher Aleph

By Jami Goldberg, Gesher Rosh Eidah (Unit Head)

When I found out I’d be coming back as the Rosh Eidah of Gesher, I was ecstatic! I enjoyed last summer so much, I couldn’t wait to come back and do it again. With much of the same staff and programming as last year coupled with amazing additions around camp, I knew that this summer was going to be the best one yet. And so far, it has been just that! The chanichim (campers) have been having so much fun making new friends, playing around in the horseshoe, and trying so many activities around camp.

One of the successful programs we’ve carried over from last year is Madrichug, which is what you get when you combine madrichim (counselors) and chugim (electives). The result is activities that are led by our very own Gesher madrichim! These are different from the regular chugim such as fencing or cooking in that they’re a bit more niche and specific, which makes them incredibly unique and fun. Some examples are mad science, American Sign Language, meditation, historical reenactment, and much more!

After an exciting first week in Gesher, we had a relaxing Shabbat to close it out, which culminated in our first folk night of the summer. This included singing some of our favorite folk songs around the campfire while snacking on some very tasty s’mores! We then brought in the official end of the week with a lovely Havdalah service. Although it was a bit sad the first week was over, the beautiful thing about Havdalah is that it welcomes in the new week as well, and reminds us of the fun that is yet to come. Just today, for example, the chanichim in Gesher will be tie dying! We’re so happy about the amazing first week we’ve had, and we’re so excited for the next one!

Jami Goldberg, our Gesher Rosh Eidah, is celebrating her 13th summer at camp, and her 6th summer on staff. In May, she graduated from Indiana University where she studied Human Resource Management.