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Moshavah Expands its Horizons

By Max Gendler, Moshavah Rosh Eidah (Unit Head)

Moshavah Aleph 2019 has been off to a great start! Whether rain or shine, chanichim (campers) and their madrichim (counselors) are all in good spirits and filled with lots of energy for the summer. The first couple weeks of Moshavah had chanichim reeling with happiness as they all got to do one activity after the other. Everyone is so happy to have not one, but two chugim (electives) everyday! To add to the excitement, the new daily schedule allows six different groups to rotate between helping to prepare meals for Moshavah, and other activities that chanichim may not have gotten the chance to try in their past years at OSRUI, such as horseback riding, cooking, arts and crafts, and so much more! Everyone is so happy that there are now three hours in the day specifically blocked off for fun activities that every camper now gets the opportunity to try at camp!

Last week, Moshavah arrived back to camp after their three day tiyul (trip)! Spread across two biking trips, two hiking trips, and a rock climbing trip, Moshavah tackled challenges and got closer to teva (nature). I was so excited for them to head off on their second tiyul yesterday morning, where we also sent out a canoeing trip for the first time this summer! Chanichim are currently enjoying an amazing tiyul, and are so excited for the last two weeks down in their ohelim (tents) and out on the trail. I am so excited to continue to watch them have fun at camp participating in different activities, and to get outside into the teva for some awesome tiyulim!

Max Gendler, our Moshavah Rosh Eidah, is celebrating his 10th summer at camp, and his 6th summer on staff. In May, he graduated from the University of Kansas where he studied Architecture.