Blog  Shabbat Message From Solly: The Talents and Skills of Our Campers

Shabbat Message From Solly: The Talents and Skills of Our Campers

Shabbat Korach

Dear OSRUI Families,

Camp is a place where we embrace and celebrate all of our campers’ skills and talents.

On Saturday evening, we will gather as an entire camp community to watch the Star-Spangled Mesibah, an all-camp talent show hosted by Tiferet.  For the past three weeks, Tiferet campers have been hard at work learning songs and skits their madrichim (counselors) have written specifically for this Mesibah.  During this past week, chanichim (campers) from every eidah (unit) on camp auditioned for the Mesibah.  On Saturday night, fourteen acts will perform their talents for everyone at camp in between Tiferet’s songs and skit.  It’s going to be a wonderful night!

All throughout camp this week, chanichim showcased their skills and talents.  In Moshavah one morning, campers helped read from the Torah during morning t’filah (service).  These chanichim practiced their Hebrew reading on their own time so they could contribute to Moshavah’s twice-weekly Torah service.  While walking in Chalutzim this week, I overheard one chanich entertaining his friends with his version of stand-up comedy about the normal events of summer camp.  With no supplies except his voice and funny anecdotes about camp life, he was able to make his friends laugh.

This week, we welcomed chanichim to Kallah Bet, Tzofim Bet, and Gesher Bet.  All week, they have been trying new activities and learning new skills in their chugim (electives).  They have also been using their talents to help build their eidah community and make it a place where everyone feels welcome and at home.

Thursday marked Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.  Rosh Chodesh is a minor holiday on the Jewish calendar that marks the beginning of a new month.  In Gesher, chanichim learned about Rosh Chodesh on Thursday morning during t’filah.  They acknowledged the start of the new month by blowing the shofar.  Rosh Chodesh is a chance to acknowledge that another month has passed and to feel connected to Jewish time and the Jewish calendar.  It is also a time to pause and press the reset button on the past month.  Summer camp, too, is a time to pause and begin anew.  Throughout the year, many of our campers feel the pressure of performing well in school or in their extracurricular activities.  At camp, they have the chance not only to learn new skills, but to feel appreciated and valued for the innate talents that they bring to this world and to our community.

While some chanichim will share their talents on stage on Saturday night, all our chanichim bring many gifts that contribute to our camp community.  I know that our campers also strengthen their abilities—the ability to challenge themselves, to make new friends, to see the world in a new way—while they are chanichim here at camp.   Though Saturday night is the Mesibah, every day at camp is an opportunity to showcase our campers’ talents.  All of us at camp are so grateful that you have chosen to share your campers and their talents with us this summer!

Shabbat Shalom,


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