Blog  Lifelong Friendships Start in Kallah Atid

Lifelong Friendships Start in Kallah Atid

When we arrived at Kallah Atid in 2011, we had no idea that our cabin full of 9 year old girls would become some of our best friends. We all hailed from a variety of different places: Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. Some came with a friend from home while others showed up solo- and yet somehow we all kept coming back.  It was pure luck that we all ended up to together that summer. For the next six years, we attended different sessions of camp, occasionally meeting up in a tzrif (cabin) or ohel (tent). However, it was not until Chalutzim in 2017, that half of our cabin reunited in Tzrif Tel Aviv. One of the things that made our Chalutzim experience so special was the history and connection that we all shared. Camp is one of the most powerful places in the whole world as it’s full of connections lasting for years. As we continue to grow as people inside and outside of camp, our camp friends who we met 9 years ago still hold powerful roles in our lives. Now as Avodahniks, we can’t wait to see the future of OSRUI arrive on opening day tomorrow!

B’ahavah (with love),

Tzrif Abu 2011 – Ella Brown, Mira Fefferman, Adele Lowitz, Eliana Pierotti, Abby Rapoport, Ruth Steinhouse, and Hanna Wolf