Blog  Save the Date for 2020 at OSRUI!!

Save the Date for 2020 at OSRUI!!

Registration for Summer 2020 will open at 9 a.m. Central Time on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce our dates for Summer 2020 at OSRUI!

OSRUI 2020:  June 15 – August 9

You can find the complete list of dates for next summer here. We are looking forward to having our campers back with us for another great summer at OSRUI!

After careful consideration and consultation with parents, staff and faculty, there are some changes to sessions:

New!  Atid Aleph and Bet

For 2020, we will be offering our popular first-time camper session twice. There will be a 6-night option the first week of camp (June 15-21) and a 4-night option the last week of camp (August 5-9). We have seen an outpouring of interest in Atid in recent summers and we hope that giving families two options at different points during the summer will make it easier for more campers to experience the magic of OSRUI for the first time. The Atid program continues to be heavily subsidized by the generosity of our community.

New!  Gesher Adds 10th Graders and a 3-Week Session

For 2020, we will be offering two Gesher sessions:

  • Gesher Aleph: 3 weeks, June 23 – July 12 (weeks 2-4 of our camp season)
  • Gesher Bet: 4 weeks, July 14 – August 9 (weeks 5-8 of our camp season)

Additionally, we have heard feedback from our families and have shifted the grades slightly to give our 10th grade campers an option to participate in Gesher. Gesher Aleph will be for campers entering grades 6-9, and Gesher Bet will be for campers entering grades 7-10.

For campers who have previously done 2-week sessions of Gesher, we are excited for you to join us for three weeks (or longer!). Gesher Aleph (and all of our sessions that are three weeks or more) is eligible for the One Happy Camper incentive grant which gives an automatic $1000 to campers attending camp for 19 days or longer for the first time (even if they’ve attended shorter sessions in the past).  Learn more about the One Happy Camper grant on their website.

As always, please be in touch with anyone on our team with any questions, and we look forward to another great summer in Oconomowoc!