Blog  Check Out What’s New for Summer 2020

Check Out What’s New for Summer 2020

We are so excited that Registration for Summer 2020 opens on
Weds., October 2nd at 9:00 a.m. Central!

Register in 3 and Get a Free Tee!! 
Register in the first 3 days (by 6:00 p.m. on Friday, October 4th)
and we’ll send your camper a limited edition, OSRUI 2020 t-shirt!

What’s New This Year?

New STEM Chugim (electives)
In addition to the many electives we offer campers, we are excited to announce we will be adding STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) electives in 2020! With our younger campers we will explore science at camp. Together we’ll make chemical reactions, use physics to design and build crazy contraptions, experiment with air resistance using parachutes, and discover amazing animal adaptations like beaks and dams. With our older campers, we’ll explore engineering with open-ended design projects from trebuchets/catapults to wind powered vehicles.  How far can your trebuchet launch?  How fast can your vehicle travel?  Design, build, and experiment to find out! We are excited that the STEM curriculum our staff will be leading is being developed in partnership with Noggin Builders!
Atid: Aleph and Bet
For 2020, we will be offering two sessions of Atid, our popular session for first-time campers entering grades 2 and 3.

  • Atid Aleph:  6-nights, June 15-21
  • Atid Bet:  4-nights, August 5-9

: Two sessions, including 10th graders

Gesher will now be offered in two sessions; a 3-week session and a 4-week session; Additionally, we have heard feedback from our families and have shifted the grades slightly to give our 10th grade campers an option to participate in Gesher. Gesher Aleph will be for campers entering grades 6-9, and Gesher Bet will be for campers entering grades 7-10.

  • Gesher Aleph:  3 weeks, June 23 – July 12 (weeks 2-4 of our camp season)
  • Gesher Bet: 4 weeks, July 14 – August 9 (weeks 5-8 of our camp season)

For campers who have previously done 2-week sessions of Gesher, we are excited for you to join us for three weeks (or longer!). Gesher Aleph (and all of our sessions that are three weeks or more) is eligible for the One Happy Camper incentive grant which gives an automatic $1000 to campers attending camp for 19 days or longer for the first time (even if they’ve attended shorter sessions in the past).  Learn more about the One Happy Camper grant on their website.

Chalutzim:  More Options to Meet the Entrance Requirements

In the past, we have required Chalutzim campers to pass an entrance examination.  We have found that campers have a more positive experience when they understand the seriousness of the Hebrew learning as part of the program, and we believe that an entrance examination is one way to demonstrate that seriousness. Additionally, the work in advance makes the adjustment to a Hebrew environment smoother.  But we have heard feedback from families about admissions for Chalutzim.  We are excited that this year, campers have three options to demonstrate their commitment to Hebrew as part of the Chalutzim admissions process:

  1. Take and pass a written assessment. Many congregations offer prep classes for this and OSRUI will provide prep materials in the fall. Campers who do not have a passing score the first time may retake the test.
  2. Attend and participate actively in a virtual Hebrew class series led by our Chalutzim faculty. After the class concludes, participants will have a 1:1 verbal assessment with one of our faculty members. More information will be available by November 1 about this option.
  3. Attend an in-person prep weekend at OSRUI over President’s Day weekend. This will give participants the chance to get a flavor of the immersive Hebrew and start to build language skills. After the class concludes, participants will have a 1:1 verbal assessment with one of our faculty members. More information will be available by November 1 about this option.

Specific information about these options will be sent to campers registering for Chalutzim.

Registration Information

Sessions, Dates, Prices

All our 2020 information is on our website:

  • For a description of our sessions, check out Sessions & Programs.
  • You’ll find the list of dates and prices and other information on the Dates, Fees & Registration page. Scroll down this page and you’ll find a helpful chart that will tell you what sessions your camper is grade eligible for.

Registering Your Camper
Once registration opens on October 2nd, you can register online on our website!

What’s a typical day like at camp?  How do you address food allergies?  What’s the difference between Kallah and Tzofim?  For answers to some common questions, check out Frequently Asked QuestionsAlso, for some guidelines on the age-old question, “Cabins or Tents?” see our blog.

We Are Here for You
The website is great and is full of information about OSRUI and Summer 2020, but sometimes you just want to talk with someone, and we love speaking with parents and learning about their children. To talk about your camper or learn about our sessions, call or email any of our full-time staff.