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Dear Campers, 

We asked our tzevet (staff) what they wish they could tell you right now. Below is what they said.

“Heartbreak leads to growth”

“I wish we could sing the moon song together!”

“OSRUI is just a location, wherever your friends are becomes your home”

“The teva isn’t going anywhere!”

“It will all be ok if you keep the lake on your right!”

“So excited to see you all next summer!!!”

“Your camp friendships are stronger than you think”

“Summer 2021 is going to be rocking!!”

“Keep talking to your camp friends!”

“It’s allowed to stink for a little bit! Let yourself feel that, but just know that we’re all in this boat together and you’re not alone”

“When one door closes another opens”

“I want my campers to know that we’re all in this together”

“This too shall pass”

“The best part about camp is that each summer is better than the last so next summer will be the best one yet!”

“Camp is always a part of us even when we’re not there”

“This too shall pass!”

“Just because we may not see you this summer does not mean that we aren’t here for you”

“I’m beyond excited for the summer 2021”

“I wish I could tell my campers that they have every right to feel upset over this, but they have a community that loves them and will be there for them always!”

“That even though we’re not together this summer we will be back for summer 2021 and we’ll always have our camp friends to talk with until then”

“Camp is a people not a place”

“The camp community is waaaaaay stronger than this”

“Camp lives in all of us and the journeys that remain ahead”

“We are all in this together, next summer will come. Chin up :)”

“Times like these only make you realize how much camp means to you that much more. 2021 here we go!”

“It is okay to feel sad”

“Our camp community is still here even when we’re not at camp”

“We love you so much and can’t wait to be singing the camp song with you again so soon <3”

“Summer 2021 will be a blast!”

“Your counselors are here for you :)”

“This too shall pass, we will all be together again one day!”

“I know this is tough and that you will miss camp but we are still one camp community that will come together again next summer!”

“OSRUI will always be our home, no matter where we are”

“That this is just a bump in the road, and the camp community will just grow stronger”

“Camp will always be home!”

“Camp is not only a place but a feeling. It can be anywhere”

“Summer 2021 is waiting for all of us”

“This too shall pass”

“This is a really tough situation and we will get through this together. Our kehillah at OSRUI is something that is so special and summer 2021 is going to be fantastic.”

“We’re all gonna be together again and were all in this together”

“We love you more than you could ever know and that just because we can’t be with you physically we will always be here for you”

“Camp is just a place, home is where your friends and family are and where you make fun”

“Adrian Peterson tore his ACL then won MVP. 2021 is #comebackszn”

“Camp is forever. Nothing can break our community”

“Camp isn’t just a place but it is the feeling you get when surrounded by a community that feels like family”

“Your emotions are valid. It’s a tough time, but know that your camp community will be here to support you through it. Your camp friendships are so strong.”

“Your camp friends are still your best friends, even when you can’t physically be together.”

“The relationships you will have with those in this community will last a lifetime. Even if we need to spend one more year apart, the magic of our bonds will last all of the time and distance in the world!”