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Over the past few weeks each of our cities have begun a new phase of opening up. Stores and restaurants, and even youth activities have all found ways to re-engage us in a safe and healthy way. As we begin to reemerge from our houses, we begin yet another transition period. Last March we transitioned to being home, and now we transition again while still physically distancing ourselves. This is hard. It is hard on adults, teens and especially kids. After 3 months of losses whether it be a family member, job, school events/activities or summer camp we as a community are making plans and moving forward. Virtual programming can be helpful in re-entry. We have been very intentional in our planning of the time and type of programs we are providing so that we do not overwhelm our campers. We understand that after being in quarantine for 3 months, and having little social contact with peers, this transition can be a struggle. As we all continue to move forward and create new normal practices, we hope you remember that as a camp community we are here to support you, your camper and your family. If there is anything, we can do to help with this new transition please let us know.

Tips for helping your camper transition to New Normal:

  • Go slow with scheduled events. After having an empty schedule for so long, do not fill up the days right away.
  • When your child gets frustrated, anxious or nervous about doing sometime for the first time or the fourth time– let them express their feelings and just listen to them. Don’t try to always fix the situation. Sometimes just validating their feelings and listening is what your child will need from you.
  • Allow yourself the time and space to create a family schedule that works best for you and your family – it may not look like any schedule that existed for you before.

Remember often your children are watching you to see how they should react and behave. Our “new normal” is NOT just a return to routines pre-COVID. We must all practice having patience whether it be with each other, with our children and with ourselves.