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Summer 2021 Registration FAQs

By Beth Rodin, Associate Director, and Debbie Locketz, Assistant Director – Camp Care and Enrollment 

We are excited to be planning for an in-person program for Summer 2021! 

The health and safety of our families has always been and will remain our top priority as we work to open camp safely. Living with the new reality of COVID-19, elements of camp life may look different, but we are committed to delivering the same level of excellence in programming and camper care as we always have.  Although there will likely be some adjustments to camp, there are so many things that will continue to look familiar next summer! 

We have compiled some of the top questions that have been asked in the last few weeks for easy reference.  As always, and especially this year, we will continue to keep families informed as our plans evolve. 

Please read carefully for the most asked questions on Registration & Payment Info, Unit Specific Questions, and COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Procedures. 

For other questions, please see ourGeneral FAQsection. 


Registration & Payment Info 

What will the dates be for camp sessions this summer? 

You can find our session dates here.  

Here are the important registration dates you need to know: 

  • October 13, 2020 – Registration will open  for campers and Avodah 
  • October 132020 – November 5, 2020 – Register during this time and get a camp T-shirt 

I chose to roll some or all of my 2020 tuition over to 2021. Will that money cover the deposit for Summer 2021? 

Yes! We are so grateful to those families who were able to roll over their paid tuition towards 2021 enrollment. As long as the amount rolled over is equal to or above the enrollment deposit ($500 per camper), those funds will be counted as your 2021 deposit and you will not need to pay an additional deposit fee when you enroll. 

Will there be scholarship money available?
Yes! We strive to make camp affordable for all families. Please be in touch with Allisa for more information about our camp scholarship program. We know the financial realities of COVID-19 have changed the financial picture for many families and we have been actively fundraising to support this. We are here for you, and we know there are families who will apply for scholarship for the first time for the 2021 summer; please don’t hesistate to reach out. 

When will tuition be due? 

Our payment schedule for this year is:  

  • January 22nd, 2021– 25% of tuition payment is due;  
  • March 23rd, 2021 – an additional 50% of tuition payment is due (75% of tuition paid);  
  • April 22nd 2021 – final payment is due. If you have any challenges with this schedule please be in touch with Allisa at  

What will the cancellation policy be for 2021? 

Here is this summer’s cancellation policy: 

  • Cancellation by March 23rd, 2021– 100% of tuition is refundable. Deposit is non-refundable.  
  • Cancellation between March 24-May 7th – 75% of tuition is refundable.  
  • Cancellation after May 8th 2021– no refunds will be given except for one of the reasons stated below.  
  • Full refunds will be given without penalty (including deposit): 
    • for campers on a “Waiting List” (those not able to be placed in their desired session at Camp) if at any time they choose to be removed from the list or are ultimately unable to be placed; 
    • if Camp is unable or elects not to open because of government regulations, orders, or guidelines; 
    • if Camp is required to cancel the session of a child with a preexisting health condition; 
    • if Camp is unable or chooses not to open at their own discretion. 
  • Change of Session 
    • If Camp is required to make a change to Camper session prior to summer, Parent will be notified by Camp in writing. Camp will provide an opportunity at that time for Parent to cancel Camper session without penalty (including deposit). Parent will also be eligible for this change of session refund for all children in their household at Camp regardless if the sessions of the sibling(s) were not changed. 
    • A change to the Camper session is defined as one or more of the following: a change of camp geographic location, session dates, or session cost 

Unit-Specific Questions 

My child is entering 4nd grade and missed their summer as an Atid camper. What unit should they be signed up for in 2021? 

The Atid experience is a fun introduction to campWhile this program has historically only been open to entering 2nd and 3rd graders, we are offering it to 4th graders as well this year to give families an additional option to consider. Campers entering 3rd grade are also eligible for Kallah Aleph or AlephBet  sessions as well.  Campers entering 4th grade are also eligible for Kallah Aleph, AlephBet or Kibbutz HaTzofim Aleph and AlephBet. 

What is new in Gesher 2021? 

In addition to all of the fun Gesher has throughout the day in Chugim, the Pool and Lake, and around camp, we are offering intensives for Gesher campers! These daily intensives give campers the chance to dive deeper into an area of camp that speaks to them. 

When you register you will choose one of these 2021 intensives: 

  • Making a Musical (Aleph & Bet): Options for on & offstage artistic exploration and performance. Campers in this program will produce and star in a show. With content from some favorite Broadway musicals, there will be opportunities for singing, acting, set design, tech management, and more. 
  • Sports & Conditioning (Aleph & Bet): For all current and future athletes – we know that demand is high to maintain fitness and conditioning programs for sports teams. In this intensive, there will be opportunities for general active play, working on individual training plans provided by coaches back home, and general skill development while playing sports with our coaches each day. 
  • Aquatics (Aleph only): This option is great for those who enjoy lots of time in the water doing all the aquatic activities camp has to offer with an option to complete a junior lifeguarding training. 
  • How Do They Do That? (Bet only): Rocketry, Robots, Experimental Science, Technology, Engineering, and more. Participants in this intensive will explore how things work, what Judaism can teach us about science, and will get to create and do some fun experiments. 

My camper was signed up for Chalutzim last summer. Can they do it this year? 

We know that Chalutzim is a once in a lifetime experience, and we want to make sure that all of our campers have the opportunity to do it! We are thrilled to offer this program to incoming 10th and 11th graders and have expanded the number of Chalutzim cabins to ensure that we will have enough space for everyone. 

What does Avodah look like this year?  

We have taken the core Avodah program and elevated it with modern upgrades to give you an even more comprehensive experience. This  Ultimate Camp Internship will bridge the gap between both camp and “the real world” as well the journey from camper to staff member – all while keeping the traditions and spirit of the program the same that we’ve loved for generations. Overall, Avodah will provide real work experience, practice translating the experience to college resumes and essays, and an amazing summer with camp friends. You can read more on our sessions page.


COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Procedures 

***Please note that this information will be updated as we get closer to the summer.  *** 

How will you make decisions about COVID-19 protocols? 

We are working with a team of medical experts, and our partners across the URJ camps, to guide our decisions and revamp our protocols and procedures. We are also working in close coordination with the American Camp Association and Foundation for Jewish Camp to gather learnings and insights from the field. In addition, we are in communication with camps that ran last summer and continually monitoring CDC guidelines. 

We know that the best practices surrounding COVID-19 are continually changing. We will remain responsive to ever-evolving local standards and protocols. 

Will camp look different next summer? 

Yes, while we are committed to delivering OSRUI’s Magic with the same excellence you’ve come to expect from us, it is likely that some elements of camp will look different. 

We will share updates on all of the changes as we finalize things, but some examples of what we are thinking about include (but are not limited to): 

  • Pre-camp testing and screening 
  • Quarantine protocols 
  • Travel to and from camp 
  • Procedures for the dining hall 
  • Procedures for the health center 
  • Limiting campers and adults coming and going from camp 
  • Cleaning protocols 
  • PPE 

What will the support for the mental health and social and emotional needs of campers and staff look like? 

We recognize that while a return to camp life is much anticipated and exciting, it also brings with its anxieties and concerns. Our campers and staff have lived anything but normal lives over the last several months. Some of whom may have suffered their own losses and adjustments to new family situations due to COVID. Changes to our camp program and routine will bring some unfamiliarity and adjustment. Our staff will be trained in supporting our campers and building community at this unusual time. Our Camp Care Team made up of mental health care professionals, as well as our excellent Medical Team, will provide additional support to campers and staff. As always, we will communicate and partner with families as challenges arise. We know that the connection, routine, and support that camp life offers will be eagerly welcomed and is exceptionally important today for our campers and staff.