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The Soul of camp


The soul of OSRUI has returned: our campers! 

There are many things we have missed this year, but missing camp, our home away from home, was one of the hardest.

In our evening worship, we pray hashkivenu, asking God to protect us in the night because the ancient rabbis didn’t know what happened when we fell asleep. They thought our souls left our bodies and returned to us in the morning. When we wake up we pray modeh ani, thanking God for returning our soul to us.

On Monday, as we welcomed back hundreds of campers safely, full of excitement and with incredible warmth, we thank God for returning the soul of OSRUI back to us. 

We are whole again with our campers, staff, faculty, and community together in this holy space! 

What a glorious day it is!!! 


Laura Siegel Perpinyal, RJE is the Director of Congregational Learning at Temple Chai in Long Grove, IL, and is faculty in Kibbutz HaTzofim.