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Tzofim is having an amazing time growing and trying new things! We have been enjoying chugim (electives) ranging from drama, art, to ultimate frisbee and horseback riding! Visiting the refet (farm) is a favorite time in Tzofim! This summer we have two sheep named Rachel and Ross, and two goats named Joey and Chandler! Tzofim loves to show off our ruach (spirit). One of my favorite Tzofim traditions is high sock Thursday; last week we had a blast wearing our funky socks around camp and showing off how much fun Tzofim was having to the rest of camp!

meet the Tzofim rosh eidah (unit head)

My name is Shira Brandhandler I am so excited welcome each of your children to OSRUI and Kibbutz HaTzofim this summer! This will be my 14th summer at OSRUI, 7th on staff, and 2nd as the Rosh Eidah of Tzofim. In 2019, I graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Judaic Studies and Biopsychology and since then I have been working at Temple Jeremiah in Northfield, IL as the Youth Engagement Director. I am thrilled to be spending the summer in my favorite place: Tzofim!

meet the tzofim madrichim (counselors)

Abby: Hi! My name is Abby C. and I’m from Highland Park, Illinois. I am a rising Junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Social Work. This summer is my third summer on staff and my eleventh summer at OSRUI!

Dani: Hi, my name is Dani Shaykin! I’m from Skokie, Illinois but now reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I’m a nursing student. I go to Grand Valley State University and am planning on graduating in 2022 with my BSN. This is my 12th summer at OSRUI and 5th on staff. I’m so excited to be back at camp this year!!

Emma L: Hi! My name is Emma Locketz, and I am from Minnetonka, Minnesota. This is my ninth summer at OSRUI, and my first year on staff. In the fall I will be a freshman at UW Madison and will be studying genetics. I am so excited to be at OSRUI this summer!

Emma S: Hi! I’m Emma S. and I’m so excited to be a counselor in Tzofim! I’m from Skokie, IL and this is my sixth summer at camp. Next year, I will be attending the University of Michigan to study Psychology and Judaic Studies. I love playing guitar and singing!

Gili: Hi! I’m Gili A. and I’m so excited to be a counselor for ohel (tent) Mister Ed. I am from Beit Zera, Israel. I love horseback riding chuh (elective) and Yetzira (creation) in camp. This is my 1st summer at OSRUI. 

Joey: Hey! I’m Joey E, and this is my eighth summer at OSRUI. I’m from Miami, Florida, and I will attend Smith College in Massachusetts this fall for a degree in computer science. I’m so excited to be a counselor in ohel (tent) Makybe Diva this summer!!

Jordyn: Hi!! I’m Jordyn and I’m having such a good time being a counselor in Ohel (tent) Shakalakaboomboom. I’m going to be a freshman at Illinois state studying social work and minoring in human and child development. I have been having a blast at waterskiing chug (elective)!! This is my 10th summer at camp and my first summer on staff and it’s amazing!!

Maya: Hi! I’m Maya and I’m having a blast being a counselor in Ohel Shakalakaboomboom. I am from Evanston, IL and am a rising Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying rehabilitation science. I have been loving my hiking chug (elective) this summer! This is my 2nd summer on staff and my 8th summer at OSRUI.

Molly: Hi! My name is Molly Fidlow and this is my 9th summer at camp. I’m originally from Lombard, IL, but I’m currently living in Chicago. During the school year, I go to school at Loyola University Chicago as a Political Science major with a minor in Theatre. I can’t wait to spend the summer in Tzofim!

Noam: Hi!! My name is Noam and I’m so excited to be your child’s counselor this year. I live in Israel and I’m 21 years old. I finished my service in the army last November, as a combat paramedic. And for the 6 months before camp I worked as a paramedic in an ambulance !! I love playing sports and go swimming. That’s my first year as a counselor on OSRUI !!

Paili: Hi! I’m Paili and I’m having a blast being a counselor in Ohel (tent) Shakalakaboomboom. I’m a rising Junior at Indiana University studying Social Work with a specialization in Child Welfare. I have really been enjoying sailing chug (elective) with my campers. This is my 12th summer at camp and my 4th on staff.

Shayna: Hi! My name is Shayna, and this 7th summer at camp! I’m having a great summer in Tzofim in Ohel Sunset Shimmer. and look forward to starting school in Colorado in the fall!

Sam: Hi! My name is Sam U from Ohel Makybe Diva! I’m from Elmhurst IL, and go to the University of Iowa studying Art Therapy. This is my 10th summer at camp! A fun fact about me is that I’ve walked the width of the Appalachian Trail!

Seth: Hiya! My name is Seth F and I’m thrilled to be one of the counselors for ohel Seattle Slew. I hail from Oak Park, IL and I currently attend the University of Michigan where I study Political Science and Economics. Camp is my favorite place in the world and I’m so excited about this summer!

Zaria: Hi! My name is Zaria R and I’m so happy to be back for my seventh summer at camp in Ohel Sunset Shimmer. I am from Rochester, Minnesota and I go to UW Madison (go badgers!) where I am studying psychology and conservation biology. I am rosh refet this summer, and I love being outdoors and living in the beautiful Oconomowoc teva!

Jacob: Hi! My name is Jacob Dunn and I’m very happy to be a counselor for Ohel Nosupeforyou. I’m from Chicago and this is my 11th summer at camp. During the year, I study Environmental Policy at The Ohio State University.

Hannah: Hi! My name is Hannah A. and I’m loving being Ohel (tent) Smarty Jones’ counselor! I am from Chicago, Illinois. I just finished my gap year in Israel, and will be starting at Williams College this fall. This is my eighth summer at OSRUI and my first as a counselor.

Matthew: Hi I’m Mathew K. I am from Schaumburg, Illinois. I’ve gone to camp for 11 summers. I am studying Directing and stage management at University of Iowa.

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