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This summer tour is going on three different trips around Wisconsin. The first trip we biked north to Kohler Andrae as our first taste of Lake Michigan. On the second trip we biked west to the Wisconsin River to canoe for a day. On the final trip, we will bike down the coast of Lake Michigan and back into camp. It’s fun this year that we are carrying our gear on our bikes and seeing more parts of Wisconsin, including many bike trails and rivers.

While at OSRUI we have created a village and built our own fire pit. We also have the opportunity to do fun camp activities like tie-dye, Etgar, tubing, and Shabbat Shira! Everyone is having fun forming a tight-knit community while at camp and on the road.

meet the Tour La’Agam rosh eidah (unit head)

Hi, I’m Michelle! This is my sixth Tour and every year is a little bit different and I am excited that this is the first time Tour gets to bikepack. Last year I finished school and began working at an environmental design firm. For fun, I like to bikepack and swim in Lake Michigan.

meet the tour la’agam madrichim (counselors)

Dillon: Hi, my name is Dillon! As a camper at OSRUI, I did Tour La’Agam twice and loved the experience. Now I’m a senior at the University of Notre Dame and like camping and biking in my free time.
Naomi: Hello I’m Naomi! I am 21, live in Israel and I’ve been going to OSRUI for years, starting as a camper. I participated in Kallah, Tzofim, Moshava, Chalutzim, and Avodah as a camper. I was a counselor in Moshavah in summer of 2018 before being drafted to the IDF. I love biking and I’m very happy to be a counselor in Tour La’Agam this summer.
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