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Every once in a while, we like to give a shout out to the people who make up our camp community. Without all of you, OSRUI would not be the magical place we all know it to be!

We are excited to share how Ted, Ronna, Talia (pictured) and Spencer got connected to OSRUI and why they became donors.

Q: How did your family get connected to OSRUI?
A: We did not grow up at OSRUI as campers, but our friends talked about camp all the time. When our daughter, Talia, received a free slushie card during an OSRUI presentation at our congregation, she was sold! She went for her first summer knowing no one and OSRUI quickly became her happy place. 

Q: Your daughter, Talia, set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page and raised money for camp for her Bat Mitzvah Project. Why did she decide to do this?
A: OSRUI is like her second home – she has made many lifelong friends and created a family at camp. At OSRUI, she really feels Jewish and hopes she can give someone else that experience too. The funds she raised went to scholarships to help kids who can’t afford the full cost of camp. 

Q: What inspired your family to continue giving to camp?
A: When COVID-19 hit in 2020 and camp was canceled, we gave some of our tuition as a donation. We want to ensure that there is always a place for Talia and other kids to go that is warm, welcoming, and unique. We love supporting a place where kids can be themselves.  

Q: You recently gave a gift to camp that went towards our Care of Facilities, Scholarship, and Sustainability Funds? Why was this important to you?
A: We want to make sure that camp can be the best it can be!   

 Thank you to the Belinky family for your support of OSRUI! We can’t wait to see Talia at camp again this summer in Chalutzim.  

To learn more about how to set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page, contact Lani Hart, Development Director, at